Bad SLI Bridge, ghost video card.

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    Hello everyone, i would like to ask if anyone knows what could be the problem i'm facing here.
    Well, i have an alienware m17x R1, with 2 GTX 260M SLI, well, i am not new on this, so you can avoid asking me about driver or anithing else. (the motherboard is an nForce 730i).
    Ok, so the problem is:

    When i run the computer there is a chance (%50) for the computer to detect the secondary video card, i mean, it just disappears, not visible on device manager, not like unkown device or like defective one. This isn't driver related or OS related (same happens on Linux).

    The big question is: ┬┐Could it be the SLI Bridge? or that only makes fail the SLI and the card should always be visible?.

    Thanks a lot.

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