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Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon' started by zsh, Jan 30, 2005.

  1. zsh

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    Sorry for yet another a**hole asking about fps. I had 6800 LE clocked to 400/900 before and had good results in hl2 aprx 70-100 fps.

    Now i bought x800xt PE and i am not happy. My setup is p4 2.6 ghz nortgwood, 1gb DDR and x800xt PE, no overclocking has been done. Now i get like 50-60 fps in cs:source. FRUSTRATING. In "video stress test" i get arround 104-105 fps average.

    I tested with different drivers, vsync is always off. 800x600 ALL LOW or all ON except AA and there is no huge improvement between those 2.

    Wtf is wrong here? Is it the game that sucks or is my setup to bad? All other games runs smooth, but i happed to be a cs lover so if cs doesnt work screw anything else.

    I mean right now there are no better gpu than 6800 ultra/x800/x850 on the market. Is there anything that can make this damn game satisfied?

  2. Nusumenai

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    A possible CPU bottleneck?

    I've heard, time and time again... Don't bother getting these cards without atleast a P@ 3.0Ghz...
  3. zsh

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    Well that's maybe truth.

    I ran performance meter in wXP while playing cs:s and cpu usage was always arround 50%, it was never maxing CPU. Any thoughts???
  4. xerox

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    how the **** can it be bottlenecked, when a 6800le performed better??
    it should atleast be equal and its the source engine ffs!!!!!!:O

  5. j.rhy@n

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    The X800 XT PE will be bottled necked in a way from the cpu..

    I went from a AMD Barton 3200 to a AMD 64 3500 and saw a 25 FPS improvment over CS S Stress Test...

    Now I get 150 fps with the combination of a good CPU and X800XT PE...

    Upgrading your CPU will make a hell of a difference... Also becuase you went from Nvidia to ATI just make sure all traces of Old / New drivers from Nvidia have been removed prior to installing new ATI Drivers..

    Im using Omega drivers and they perform very well...

    I can clock my X800 XT PE to 610/610 or so but the increase in FPS is very very small..But if I Clock my CPU the diffeence in performace is much greater..Just be aware...
  6. double_cut

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    CPU bottleneck, im getting far more consistent fps with my 6800GT then my old X800XT PE on a P4 3GHz, same goes for HL2 single player.

    Chances are the 6800LE was actually helping ur cpu more then the X800 is as its being effectively starved of geometry and possibly bandwidth. 6 Series always tend to do better on slower cpus then the ATI opposite number.

    I was very surprised using this 6800GT that it delivered as good an experience in HL2 as the X800XT PE and in some cases, noticeably smoother without all the peaks and troughs that the X800 experienced on my cpu.

    In benchies the XT PE was really very, very fast but in games its much closer. Being cpu limited at 3GHz is a bit of a piss take though in my opinion. From what I have seen (and experienced), to get the very best from the XT PE you need a 3.4GHz P4 or AMD equivalent.
  7. zsh

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    well actually i read few reports/benchmarks with different cpu´s and mine 2.6 is looong way down in the list. I am planning on buying new cpu/mobo and i think i want AMD. Which AMD would be equivalent to P4 3.4? 3500+ ?

    FX cpus from amd are waaaay to expensive :(
  8. j.rhy@n

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    PlayStation 3 + Samsung HDTV
    I have the AMD 64 3500 and a Asus A8V Deluxe Mainboard.. Great combination and great results...

    Im running a different cooling solution than the Stock AMD cooler so my clocking ability is very very good...
  9. Buenamos

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    I skimmed through the posts and it doesnt look like anything said anything about cleaning out your nvidia drivers...I may be wrong. But you should either reformat to get rid of all of them, (I reformat whenever I upgrade any hardware on my comp) or you should download drivercleaner.

    once downloaded and installed,

    1) Restart in safe mode (if not sure how, go to start->run->msconfig)
    2) Run drivercleaner to get rid of nvidia drivers
    3) Restart in normal mode and reinstall ATI drivers (I recommend the Omegas found at omegacorner)
    4) Again restart ur comp and then bench to see if there is any improvement.

    Personally I dont think that the those specific nvidia cards would perform better than the x800xt pe on ur computer just b/c ur cpu is slower. There wont be a HUGE increase in performance, but there should be a little.

    Good Luck ;)

    The AMD 3500 is the sweet spot right now which I think is the 939 equivalent of the 3400 754? Am I right guys?
  10. zsh

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    i tryed drivercleaner, and well i gained like 5 fps, but i think its waaay to little fps anyway. I guess d3d games blows. I wish cs:s was in opengl like regular cs.....

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