Bad ghosting when I increase 3d depth

Discussion in '3D Stereo and VR Gaming Section' started by MarcusarilliuS_, Nov 11, 2012.

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    Whenever I increase the 3d depth by any amount I get bad separation.

    I mess with the convergence but it's a trade off of either having near objects not separating or far objects.
    Can't find a sweet spot.

    On default it is fine but I'd like to play at higher depths without getting this.

    I'm using a panasonic L55ET5B passive 3DTV with the Zalman edid override, so it's detected as 3dvision display and outputting in interleaved mode.
    Running 1920x1080@60fps.

    Any solution?


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    I would create image 1920x1080 with horizontal red and blue lines so one eye should see only red and another only blue screen. If you see anything else or it appears as color gradient then you have incorrect image scaling set in TV or nV CP.

    You should not use any image processing on TV level while you use it as PC monitor. And overriding EDID may have it's own disadvantages like incorrect color profile, timing.

    If you have weird stuff on screen in above Red/Blue test pattern then make another one:
    image 1920x1080, left side Blue, right side red. Set TV into manual 3D mode "Side by Side" Incorrect scaling should not matter in this mode. If you still see color gradient/shift then problem is in your viewing angle or distance.

    Yes, you can sit anywhere on left/right from TV, no problem, but if you are too much above/below horizon then FPR intersects light from wrong pixels for you. Same goes for cases when you are too close.

    As far as I know those panels were supplied by LG and do not suffer from ghosting. On LG TVs there was firmware bug causing minor ghosting on red/green. Panasonic should not suffer from this since they use their own electronics.

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