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Backblaze reports Q3 2017 HDD Failure results - includes 12 TB Drives as well

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. allesclar

    allesclar Ancient Guru

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    GeForce GTX 1070
    No issues with my seagates.

    2 months old and counting!!!
  2. HawaiianBrian

    HawaiianBrian Master Guru

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    Zotac GTX1060 Amp@1949MHz
    Same here. NEVER had a WD die, yet.
  3. S V S

    S V S Member

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    Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti
    I had 6 - 4 TB Seagate drives and they all failed within a 60 day period. Never buying Seagate again, personally.

    DARKSF Member

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    Well i have a 500GB Hitachi for almost a decade now no signs of any problems. Till 3 years ago it was my OS drive before i took an SSD for that purpose and now is a storage drive and i guess it will never die since it is sleeping most of the time.Because of this i took a 1TB Toshiba an year ago for my girlfriend which is technically a HGST again. Blazing fast drive i was stunned to see 195MB/sec sequential read on the outer space of the platter.By personal experience as a home user i can't say much cause i owned a 10GB Quantium 17 years ago (still worked 7 years ago when i last checked it) , then a WD 160GB 13 years ago which suddenly started having bad sectors and got me in some trouble to recover some of the data but it didn't degrade more so i reformated and it still works even today with isolated bad sectors on my grandpa PC.

    While i was a tech support for 3 years which ended in 2010 i had my observations that Samsung HDDs back then were complete junk i had a pile of defective ones around 12 of them , followed by Seagate (but much less failed drives compared to SM) around 7-8 , WD (just a few no more than 3-4 and only one HGST which was from a powerstruck machine.The main reason by my very own opinion was operating temperature the Samsung and Seagate HDD were running very very hot , the WDs were warm and the HGST's were generally barely warm most of the time.

    Any way since then i'm always telling all of my friends to take HGST 3.5" and 2.5" and also Toshiba for 2.5" and since 2012 also and Toshiba for 3.5" nobody came to me with a HDD failure in the past 7 years :)
    They might not be the fastest on the market but they kept solid low failure rate for the past decade.

  5. Gaidax

    Gaidax Active Member

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    Sapphire R9 290X Tri-X
    Shiet Seagate, what happened there buddy?
  6. heffeque

    heffeque Ancient Guru

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    nVidia MX150
    I had trillions of hdds in my lifetime and yes, they do eventually die.
    Sometimes it has to do with the brand, sometimes it's just a bad model, sometimes a bad batch.

    I've also had flash memory die.
    Sure, they fail less, but generally when they die, they die badly, so backing SSD up is a lot more important than on HDD which usually give warnings before completely dying.
  7. KissSh0t

    KissSh0t Ancient Guru

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    ASUS RX 470 Strix
    I have a 20gb hard drive that come out of an apple mac that still works, I think it was from a G4... I put it in an external enclosure, it is sooooooo freaking loud, not sure what brand that would be though, maybe Maxtor?
  8. xIcarus

    xIcarus Master Guru

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    1080 Ti AORUS
    Ha, I've got an 80GB Maxtor that's still working. I have it since.. 2003? 2004? It's been retired for half a year since I can't find a use for it anymore, it's just small.
    I wonder what their general reliability was back then.

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