Auzentech Home Theater HD Popping/Cracking

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    (2) MSI 6950 2gb OC
    I get this very loud popping/cracking sound randomly. It happens mostly with voices (while in mummble or vent). It only comes from the front left, front right, and sub. (I have 7.1s) Would upgrading the OPAMP fix this? Or is there something else I can do.
    At 1:46/47 into this video ( it gives me the same cracking sound. It it always 10 times louder than the volume is actually set to. What is causing this? I never had this issue on my Asus Xense and all other settings are the same.
    windows specs: win 7 64, 6950 (cf), 12gb ram. Most recent Auzentech drivers.

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