Auzen Forte & Win7 - Bass tone trouble !

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    Hey guys,

    I just got the Auzentech Forte together with Win7 and i have some trouble adjusting the bass tone level's in win7 (Only in Stereo)

    In a nut-shell:

    1.When i use Winamp or WMP to play music (DTS Connect is on, NEO is disabled.) bass sounds very neutral, 50cent, drum&bass etc.
    So when i try to adjust it in the speaker setting menu and select the tone tab, then adjust the bass level i get a distortion really quick.
    It doesnt increase my bass lvl at all !.
    Its the same sound as if you have a crappy speaker and the bass is to heavy.

    But when i walk to my reciever and put the bass settings at +3~4 it all sounds really great!.
    So for some reason the setting in win7 does something else then what its supposed to do ....

    2. When im playing a game (Crysis, Batman: AA) and its in 5.1 mode it all sounds really clean and heavy through my woofer.

    Before you might say, your speakers cant handle it etc... Trust me they can :nerd:. Because when i put in manually on the reciever it self, it sounds great.

    It only happens when a stereo source is playing, like winamp, wmp etc.

    Things i tried:

    Turn off DTS Connect.
    Set speakers to stereo in win7.
    Disable everything on the forte.
    Reset the settings.
    Reinstall the drivers.

    None of it works..
    Sorry but im dutch, so if you cant follow it ... ill try harder :p

    Settings i use:

    Forte @

    Connected through SPDIF
    DTS Connect on, neo off.
    5.1 speakers selected.
    All the creative enhancemts off or disabled.
    Bass redirection off.

    My reciever and speakers:

    Onkyo: SR705

    Fronts: Canton Ergo RCL
    Center: Klipsch RC52
    Surr's: Kef Q4
    Woofer: Jamo Sub300.
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    Company is L O N G overdue for a driver update
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    It is better to just adjust the audio properties on your receiver. Leave all the settings for tone at default for the X-Fi Forte's control panel properties.

    Certainly disable CMSS-3D, Crystalizer, and keep svm off too.

    Let us know your progress.
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    Yeah I find I have the same issue. Sounds like the bass signal is amplified too much, causing distortion. Same thing sometimes happens with the cymbal sounds occasionally. I ended up setting my receiver to all small speakers & the crossover to 100Hz, even though they all have 8" subs, to utilize it's crossover & dump the bass into my subwoofer. I also set the bass in the Creative Console to 80Hz. For the treble issues I just tend to keep it at 3/4, which sucks because I like the percussives sharp or I'd need to change the equalizer for every song(way too much work). This combo works good for me, Also another problem I have is when I jump between different sound card modes I tend to lose sound quality. Sometimes a simple PC reboot with fix the distortion issue for me. Seems very hit or miss. I only have this problem with the analog connection, when I switch to Digital the problem goes away. It sucks because when I don't get the distortion issues, the card sounds amazing with FLAC format & of course WAV & PCM.
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