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    I have my SBLive! with 4.1 speakers, and this Xmas I thought about upgrade it to an Audigy 2 ZS and T7900 (7.1 speakers from Creative). But I have seen that Creative has the Audigy 4 Pro. It's much more expensive than my original idea, but I would need to know if this card is really very different, if it is worth to wait for a non Pro (and so, cheaper) Audigy 4, or if there are few differences between both. I have seen in Creative page, that they explain much more about th eHUB than the card!!!:eek:

    What do you think?

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    I think this is strange. WTF happened to Audigy3? lol
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    it's not worth the money. there is one spec that is different from the audigy 2 zs but i've read from audiophiles it's not noticeable. only difference with audigy 4 is that drive bay thing.
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    u should get audigy 2 zs pro instead of 4...btw, wht happened to 3:

    "Sir, we just completed the prototype Audigy 3"
    "Good, fire it up!"
    "Sir, I don't think we should have used explosive cow dung instead of silicon!"
    "O well, lets get to work on Audigy 4..."

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    well finally someone wants to know about creative's history hehe:

    These are all based on Creative's specifications on website:

    Audigy 1 Varients: 16Bit, 48Khz Record
    24Bit, 96Khz Playback

    I've remembered before it was rather 24Bit, 96Khz Record and 16Bit, 48Khz Playback and not the other way around? (Maybe driver modders hacked it to 24Bit, 96Khz Playback so Creative decided to change specifications listed on website?)

    Audigy 2 Varients: 24Bit, 96Khz Record
    24Bit, 96Khz Playback/24Bit, 192Khz Play 2.1
    106dbSNR THX Certified

    There have been rumors that this series has a bug (Rumored on drivers) where the card actually still operates in 16Bit, 48Khz Playback even on WinXP SP1 and has only improved with "5" extra db's and THX Certification. Not much change I can hear in terms of what has been done to the card that makes the difference from non THX certified Audigy 1 in Sound Quality. Also havent heard if the softmod Audigy 2 ZS drivers would have fixed the 24Bit, 96Khz Playback

    Audigy 2 ZS Varients: 24Bit, 96Khz Record
    24Bit, 96Khz Playback/24Bit 192Khz Play 2.1
    108dbSNR THX Certified

    A boosted Audigy 2 card featuring an exciting extra 2db's from the Audigy 2? Bugs with Far Cry and Doom 3 are heard around guru3d with Audigy 2 ZS drivers...

    All of these specifications are based on Creative's website. There is probably some additional function added to Audigy 2 and earlier cards I would absolutely like to hear from Softmodded Audigy 2 ZS drivers!

    btw I saw Audigy 4 drivers already softmodded for Audigy 2 ZS, Audigy 2, Audigy 1, Live! and etc...

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