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    Hi All,

    I have an Audigy 2ZS Video Editor and unfortunately the power supply had a bad time, thunder, and went, so I am trying to get hold of one but so far with no success.

    Would it be possible at all for you to communicate the DC connection diagram so that I can make one myself please, I may be able to make one out of a PC power supply since it has 5V and 12V, I wish I hadn't thrown the burnt one away, I really regret that now, I thought I can buy a new power supply on Internet but found out that the product is no longer available even at Creative Lab, so please help me out.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Most of us who are into electronics long enough and with OCD strong enough we obey one simple rule: newer throw away ANYTHING! Even if it's broken you know why :D

    On a seroius note.... According to this info from Creative site:

    ...Audigy 2 ZS Video Editor uses 12V DC adapter, guess somewhere within 2A and 3A range so it should be quite easy for someone with basic electronic knowlege and simple multimeter to check DC connector and PCB inside that external unit where DC connector is soldered and find what pin is GND and another one with +12V DC. If you're not sure how i.e. don't have multimeter take that external unit to some local electronic repair shop and dude working there will use his magic and make everything needed within minutes.

    Strange, scheme for external unit PCB or DC adapter is nowhere to be found...

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