Audigy 2 zs mute caused no sound!??

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    ATI 4870 512Mb 812/1050
    Hey guys, too bad my first thread has to do with a hardware/software issue :(. A few days ago i put my Creative Audigy 2zs in my rig, deleted the drivers for my old creative sound card, and reinstalled the drivers from the creative website. I then set the Audigy 2 zs as the default sound device in control pannel and bam, it was up and running as easy as that.

    I then played around with various audio tracks, as i noticed the quality in sound was a lot crisper. After that i went into windows media player (i have 32 windows 7 Pro so it is the newer version) to watch an episode of the office (yes i am one of those people who find it hilarious ). Anyway, half way through i turned the sound all the way down with my sidewinder x6 keyboard sound knob to mute it. After i was ready to watch it again i turned up the volume to find that there was no longer any sound !

    After reinstalling the new drivers and successful detection by windows i found out that no sound was coming from it any more...still!

    So i experimented with all the settings in the audio console and came up with one method of getting the sound back...

    I set the channeling to 7.1 (no 5.1, 4.1, 2.1 and headphones setting do not work) and randomly switched the audio jack from my headphones around. I found that by HALF inserting the jack in to one of two of the sockets (not the one that was originally working mind you) i get the sound back! I am quite baffled by this and a google search did not help apart from recommending reinstalling drivers which i have done.

    Fellow Gurus...I NEED YOU! Thanks
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    hmm..., can you use another partition (save data, install and when the test is finished, restore data), install windows there and try sound? that way you know if its software issue.

    half inserting the jack gives sound... maybe hardware is ****ed up, or just that there is any kind of contact there that skips the mute-on option when its only half-plugged.

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