ATT Resetting Settings when Rebotting

Discussion in 'ATI Tray Tools' started by Bloc97, Dec 17, 2011.

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    AMD Radeon HD6670 1GB
    I found out that ATT was a nice tool to use for driver-level tweaks, but when I changed MipMap Detail Level to "High Performance" I found out that it limits the texture size to 64 pixels (which ruins a hi-def game), so I changed it back to "High Quality".

    But since now, each time windows starts, ATT changes my MipMap setting back to High Performance, which annoys me and I have to change it back each time I reboot my computer...:bang:

    I tried de-installing ATT but it still resets the setting, and without ATT I can't change it back...:wanker:

    Btw it resets other settings too but the MipMap Detail Level setting is the one that bothers me the most...

    Any help here?
    Thanks in advance. :)

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