ATI TT osd won't show up

Discussion in 'ATI Tray Tools' started by Carter7Gindenv, Mar 1, 2015.

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    AMD Radeon HD 5870
    Hi everyone, i'm not really accustomed to this forum but because i've seen no answer to my question on the others, I've made a big decision. I'll ask it myself :gape:

    Recently I've started using ATI TT again after a long period of CCC ( yhea yhea I know, bad me ). The problem is that apparently everything is working EXCEPT "On screen display". Whatever I do, I can't get the FPS counter on the screen.

    I've cheked "enable osd" and uncheked "Hide FPS meter". I did a quick run through the program's settings but i've not found something else that could interfer. I've already reinstaled it with the admin privilege and i'm launching it with the admin privilege.

    Config :
    AMD Radeon HD 5870 ( latest driver but not Beta driver )
    Need something more?

    Any ideas?

    Last things : I know I could use another program but I feel comfortable with this one. I know I could use a program which does only the fps counter but the goal is not to have 10 program rather than one. And I don't like not knowing why something doesn't works :evil:

    Finally thanks in advance for helping me and forgive my english if there is reason to :giggle2:
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    best to move on to afterburner as ati tt is no longer looked after i think

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