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Discussion in 'ATI Tray Tools Generic Discussion' started by Zoea, Jun 9, 2007.

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    Hi Ray / all

    I have some requests for features please, in somewhat order of importance. I hope they are not too complex and can get added easily as i think they would really enhance tray tools a lot.

    Load 3d Profile on Startup

    Many of us don't really bother with different DX /OGL settings for our various apps, and would just like to apply some baseline settings to use with everything. Also i personally find the game profiles feature somewhat overkill for my needs (I don't really want to create a profile for every new game to apply the same 3d settings for example, and the interface seems a bit fiddly).

    Adding a Apply 3d Profile at Startup option (or 2 for OGL/DX setting) would help me out a lot.

    Save / Backup Advanced Tweaks

    We can already save the 3d profiles but to me they are easy to recreate with few options once you know what does what (Strangely CCC is a good way to see them in action). But what's missing, is a way to restore the advanced tweaks / standard tweaks and the overclocking settings after re-installing windows or ATI Tray Tools.

    Some way to back them up to a reg file or some special backup settings file would be much appreciated to save us time in reapplying all those settings like fog support, eatm and so on.

    Warn when loosing custom timings / clocks when saving overclock profile

    Something like "you have modified your timings from default yet they are not saved in this profile - are you sure?" would stop me having to worry that the checkboxes are all ticked when I go to save an overclock profile. Rare, perhaps, but if you tweak a fair bit it's handy to have a small warning here I feel.

    Also you may wish to change the wording for "Include in Profile (Very Dangerous!)" as unlike say a vmodd it's really unlikely to break anything, just perhaps to b0rk windows at every startup if you mess them up. Perhaps "Include in profile (must use Working timings)"

    Ok thanks I think that's all for now!
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    You can already due that through a command line option, i don't remember exactly what the option is, but a forum search should help ya find it

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