ATI still Blows

Discussion in 'Videocards - NVIDIA GeForce' started by Sproket, Apr 24, 2003.

  1. Sproket

    Sproket Guest

    Just installed the Albatron 4800se 128 megger and this thing rocks.

    275/550 is default

    right now at 300/633 gives me 13964 in 3dmark.

    it can overclock way more but I need to find it sweet spot.

    I just removed a ati9500pro and it suxs a$$ by the way.
    I had wavey lines in the Bios and in windows.
    3dmark was not even as good as above even o/c.
    ATI still suxs in my opinion.

    Love digital vibrance also.
    Im using 43.51 drivers and UT2003 looks awesome with No AA.

    Ati9500pro with 4x AA did Not look as good as this TI4800se with no AA.

  2. Titan

    Titan Guest

    How many watts is your psu on?

    How many watts is your psu generating?
  3. BullsEyeBob

    BullsEyeBob Guest

    Nice score. To bad you gotta overclock like mad to get it. :p
  4. Y2A

    Y2A Master Guru

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    BFG Geforce 6800 OC (16, 6 400/850)
    The reason you think the 9500 sucks in comparison the the "4800" (4600 with the 8x marketing gimic), is because the two cards, in theory, are not supposed to be in the same class. However the $200 dollar 9500 comes damn close to beating the $270 4600. Try a 3dmark03 benchmark. You might be surprised that your precious 4600 won't break 2.2k while a 9500 PRO will hit 4k easy. The 4600 is a DX8 card that thinks its DX9.

  5. Reality|Bites

    Reality|Bites Ancient Guru

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    SLI Asus/eVGA 8800Ultra/B
    The TI4800SE is the TI4400 with agp 8X
    The TI4800 is the TI4600 with AGP 8X
  6. vasot

    vasot Guest

    The 9500pro does not suck

    You mobo\system probably had a compatibility problem with your system as these is a general problem with Ati cards unfortunately
    in many systems...But you might fixed it if you had the patience for it

    9500pro generaly is better from a Geforce 4 card

    Because with big Resolutions and with AA and AF has a lot of better performance from a Geforce 4600 card with a Big res and AA and AF..and is better choice for the Future for the Dx9.0 games that will come

    You say that with without AA you have a better image
    Probably you have not noticed the ugly JAGGIES in the 3d games
    just look close to your Monitor while you play a 3d game

    With AA(Fsaa) is much better and 9500pro is better with that from the Geforce 4 cards
  7. Emanon75

    Emanon75 Guest

    He's got a point about the wavy desktop problem though..

    I've seen that a few times with 9x00 cards, it does get annoying.
    Yeah, it's fast...
    But the desktop quality is nasty...
  8. Sproket

    Sproket Guest

    I have the ti4800se thats a ti4400 3.3 ram and 8 layer PCB same as TI4600!
    It cost $175 shipped and no tax.
    UT2003 in D3D with TI4800se and No AA or AF looks better and Runs faster than the 9500Pro. I even Over/Clocked the 9500pro w/ warps bios and tried the 9500pro without AA then with 4x AA and the TI4800se blows it away.
    I Dont have jaggies, Im using a KDS monitor w/ its vs-9e drivers set at 100hz. Vsnyc on and looks very sweet and plays fast with 43.51 nvidia drivers.

    The 9500Pro was bought at best buy, Im sure it the new ones, it had the 3.3 memory on it and it did not overclock well at all.
    The wavey lines, I could see them at POST, in Bios, and in windows. PSU is a Antec 350 with strong +5, +12 rails. They where in spec, meaning no more than 5% difference. 9500pro card had its own power supply cable from PSU. System was not overloaded. Yes it could of been a mobo and video card issue, being ATI Hardware issue.

    That 9500pro card cost me $199 + tax, if I get it online I usually have to pay S+H which is usually the same as tax price.

    I tried the BFG TI4200 128 megger also and it was faster than the 9500pro also using 43.45 drivers and the picture look superior to the 9500pro without AA or AF, monitor at 100hz vsync on. BUT it created a lot of heat in system! Cant have that with watercooling. The Albatron creates almost no heat and it seems liked it is made to overclock b/c it goes so high without even breaking a sweat. Im going to break 14K easy!! I have not even o/c my CPU yet by much either.
    We will see what happens.
    All or nothing!
    This is just my experience. I have owned 2 nvidia and 1 ATI card in the past 2 weeks and have benched and compared IQ amongst them all. I only play UT2003 and thats all I care about besides video encoding and desktop quality!
    Oh and a good company that produces great drivers and want to be ahead of the game in the future!!
    Nvidia has fell behind in video cards a little, But thanks for taking the time and producing a very good New Chipset Nforce2!!

  9. Sproket

    Sproket Guest

    Not to be a smart a$$ or nothing.
    But Im dont want to pay $200 for a card and have wavey lines like that.
    I have read on alot of other forums that recently users/customers are reporting this wavey line issue more and more for the 9500pro. Maybe they have changed something hardware related or trying to save money somewhere there.
    Just my findings.

  10. Emanon75

    Emanon75 Guest

    You are absolutely right...

    I've spent a lot of time working with a friend trying to resolve a multitude of issues with his card..

    We managed to fix the crashing by raising the agp voltage, now it crashes less often at least.
    We even managed to get drivers to install without getting that damn delayed write failure...

    But, even using the dvi, the desktop still waves and looks like $hit.

    And what's with having to restart to enable AA?

    Yeah, it's a fast card...
    But that matters not when it has so many problems.

  11. Sproket

    Sproket Guest

    Only thing I have to add is:

    Live Long Nvidia and Keep It Coming!
  12. vasot

    vasot Guest

    I agree

    Long live Nvidia with REALLY High end Gpus that worth the money to buy them and prefer from Other Companies Gpus

    I hope they do not make the same mistakes like they did with Nv30 in Future

    Lets see what Nv35 is all about
  13. Emanon75

    Emanon75 Guest

    Long live Ati as well! :D

    I mean that...


    If Ati wasn't doing so well right now, nvidia wouldn't be busting balls trying to make the nv35 so much better than the GFFX..

    Without Ati, we would still be paying $400 for Gf3's.

    Of course, the same could be said about nvidia as well..

    Overall, i think the consumer benefits most from the competition. Hell, I'd like to see Matrox release something to compete with nv & Ati's top of the line cards.. ;)
  14. Sproket

    Sproket Guest

    Yes very interesting, Matrox does have what it takes to go neck and neck w/ nvidia but they seem to lack the core and memory speeds, and lets not forget o/c'ing!

    Now thats for a good costing consumer video card.
  15. clammy7777

    clammy7777 Active Member

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    I think 9500 pro has it's up and downs...and I did encounter some compatibility problems. One thing I have to that 9500 is definitely a better performer. I have a 9500 pro and a ge4 ti4600 128MB 8X. And then when I take the 9500 pro out, and to put the ge4 ti4600 in...I say to myself, "damn, my screen just got a bit less sharper." sure, Ge4 ti4600 is a damn good card...but i hafta say...for what it's cost, it's not really worth it. 3dmark01 se gave me 11000-12000 w/ my ge4 ti4600, and an easy 14000 w/ my ati 9500 pro. Even in games, the performance cannot be matched. I's easy to look at specs and say which one is better...but i mean...i've done vigorous game tests on those...and I hafta say...9500 pro delivers such a crisp performance that sometimes I wonder what's Nvidia been doing lately.

  16. symtrax

    symtrax Guest

    Ya, I just went from a Radeon 9500@9700Pro to a Ti 4600-8X. The GF4 runs UT2k3 much better on my nForce rig, love the drivers too.
  17. RoninCS

    RoninCS Guest

    Matrox has no plans in the near future to compete on that end. They are still in the visual quality arena with the Parhelia, that performs about the line of a Ti500 on 3dMark2k1SE. I have both a 128MB and a 256MB version (and btw, there's no performance difference between the two), and I only use it atm to support the 3 21" monitors I have on one of my other PCs.

    Matrox *has*, however, moved to a more budget oriented card line as of late (as the Parhelias, in most cases, are still pretty pricey), but again, these really aren't meant for performance gaming.
  18. G L

    G L Don Juan

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    Leadtek 8800 GTS 640 MB 600/1000
    If the 9500 pro suffers from wavy lines it can't be universal, I have not seen such a thing in reviews and I think its safe to assume someone would mention it. If desktop quality is *that* bad I would suggest RMAing the card.
  19. Sproket

    Sproket Guest

    People are seeing more of this wavey lines no as it was not reported by users a couple of months ago. Something is different or maybe poeple are just now complaining or coming out with the truth.

    Good old ATI.
  20. CleavesF

    CleavesF Master Guru

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    Connect3d x800 GTO biosed 16 pipes
    How can you deny the superior performance overall of the 9500/9700 series?

    Nvidiots :p

    This just like me saying my V5 5500 can whoop your GF4's butt at Quake in Glide vs OpenGL.

    Go ATI, Nvidia lost a huge fanbase because of their lack of driver support. Boo.

    Matrox, well Matrox is nice...

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