ATI Radeon DDR 64 mb card?

Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon' started by Moparfan, Nov 19, 2000.

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    Heya all, i got a pretty important decission to make <IMG SRC=""><P>I have read alot of reviews of the ATI Radeon card and im having a hard time to decide wich card to buy.<P>My <B>big</B> question is: Does this new card have improved support for games?<P>I have had a few ATI cards and i have always had problems with Direct3D support...i get texture problems,and also preformance loss on some games that aren't that demanding.<P>Could i please get some input from you experts on the area?<P>The main reason im planning to buy the ATI card is the price 390US$ here and the Gforce card that i want cost 550US$ here so according to the rewievs ive read it seems like this ATI card has some really good potential but the big question is still the support for games.<P>BTW great review you guys had on the card <IMG SRC=""><P>Thanks in advance!
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    "My big question is: Does this new card have improved support for games?"<P>So far, every game has been working well.<BR>For example:<BR>Unreal/Ut/DeusEx<BR>Q3A/Voyager,Elite Force<BR>Jedi Knight<BR>Dragan<BR>Colin McRae Rally<BR>Darkstone<BR>etc...with and without FSAA<BR>I love this card. I'm glad that i didn't wasted $400 for GeForce.<P>
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    Sounds good...but are there really no downsides of this card?<P>I mean it can't be 100% perfect Hehe...i just need to find a card that is nearly perfect and that has some negative sides i can live with <IMG SRC="">
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    Downsides?<BR>Well... Via-Mb:s neet some driver tweaking, no big deal thou. Speed is not as good as with GeForce(-5-10%=not much). BUT this is true only in todays games. New games, that supports DX8, will run faster than with GeForce. And they will look better.<BR>If i were you, i'd buy Radeon...but hey! it's all up to you.

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    Wait!! Before you spend all that money on a Radeon at the store. Go to <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A> I found a Radeon 64 DDR (retail version)for only $181.00 (USD). Look under video cards then to 64DDR.If you do this you can save alot of money. I think I going to buy one today.
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    guess I should have looked at the date. Oops
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    AAAAARGH! Thread back from the dead!<P>So pimpster, finally decided to go for Radeon?<P>------------------<BR>Amir R. Pakdel - Assistant Editor<P> <A HREF=""></A> <BR><A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A>
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