ATi picks up market share.

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    Toronto, Aug. 13 (Bloomberg) -- ATI Technologies Inc.'s share of graphics chips in desktop computers rose 6 percentage points in the second quarter of 2001, while Nvidia Corp.'s share fell for the first time in more than a year, an industry report says. <br>
    The study, compiled by industry consultant Mercury Research Inc., says ATI chips were in 27 percent of desktop PCs, compared with 21 percent in the previous quarter. Nvidia, the market leader, dropped to 53 percent share from 66 percent.<br>
    ATI, based in the Toronto suburb of Markham, Ontario, has been struggling to catch up in desktop PC share since losing leadership in its most important market segment in the third quarter of last year. The company fell behind after taking longer than Santa Clara, California-based Nvidia to introduce new products, analysts say. <br>
    ``I think this shows that ATI has stemmed their losses in share and is starting to gain some ground,'' said Mike Feibus, an analyst at Scottsdale, Arizona-based Mercury. <br>
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    well that should be good for your stocks
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    <IMG SRC="smileys/biggrin.gif"> <IMG SRC="smileys/biggrin.gif"> <IMG SRC="smileys/biggrin.gif"> Oh Yeah <IMG SRC="smileys/biggrin.gif"> <IMG SRC="smileys/biggrin.gif"> <IMG SRC="smileys/biggrin.gif"> <br>
    Stock went up $1.00 since i bought it.
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    This looks good....yes it looks very good <IMG SRC="smileys/biggrin.gif">

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