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    Hello all, I currently have an older gaming laptop Sager and it used the card which is in the subject line.
    I have Win10 on this laptop. I was wanting to upgrade the drivers as I am currently using (amd_catalyst_13.4_legacy_beta_vista_win7_win8) And while it works most of the time, I do have graphical hiccups and then CCC will just stop working and I have to use GURU to clean install and reinstall that catalyst 13.4 drive a couple times a month.
    I was wondering if the Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.9.2, will work with the Mobility HD card I have in my Sager here.
    I am leary to just uninstall it all and try the Adrenalin drivers. I would appreciate some advice on this.

    Thank you all for your time and luck and loot to you.

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    Support for hd 4xxx ended with 13.4.

    If I was in your place I would try to install Catalyst 11.12 (x64: ; x86:, the last one before they messed up the code for hd 4xxx and older. (Not sure if latest win 10 version will let you install it. If i remember right I read that they patched something regarding .cat files and it might just refuse to install it now). (You gonna have to disallow Win 10 to install drivers cause it will overwrite 11.12 with 13.4 from their drivers database...)
    20.9.2 will plain not work on hd 4650. (the support for hd 4xxx was removed from .dll files so even if you mod the .inf it will still not work)
    I no longer have a gpu from hd 4xxx family. My hd 4650 died some years ago and when I fixed someone's old pc I used my hd 4350 so he can be able to watch youtube videos cause the cpu he had couldn't do it.... So most of the informations you will get from me are from memory.

    Are you sure it's the driver and not something else? The part with CCC no longer working doesn't sound right... and makes me think it's something else and not the driver (virus, OS with corrupted critical files, hdd with problems (developing bad blocks due to age for example), bad ram (causing files corruption), issues with the sata port where the hdd is...).

    If your laptop doesn't have a cpu from first generation of the Intel Core processors or newer I really don't see a reason to use Windows 10, especially if it's running on a relative old hdd...
    Depending of your use case you might actually be better with a light linux distro like Lubuntu, Manjaro Xfce (some of the speed actually comes due to the fact that you don't really need an antivirus). (If you play games Linux won't really be an option, but on that old hd 4650 I doubt you can play relative new games).
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    Have you tried just leaving it with the official Win10 drivers provided by Windows Update? The downside is no official Catalyst control panel.
    According to users who have done more extensive tests, that driver set is also the reference drivers that programs do target when they do support these GPUs.

    I did use a discrete HD 4870 in a second PC with Win10 1809 before I sold it, and didn´t notice any issues with basic usage like browsing and video decoding. Chrome, Firefox, reported HW acceleration working.
    I didn´t notice any issue the few times I ran Unigine Heaven either.

    Laptops are more wonky and can require specific drivers from the manufacturer, and can in general be problematic even at the time they are supported.

    I've never had an issue with GPU drivers on Windows 10 though. Old Geforce 6 has worked with their Win8.0 drivers, mobile Ivy Bridge has worked with the drivers provided by Win Update, same is true for the various DX10/11 GPUs from both Nvidia and AMD.

    There were known issues for AMD's DX10 GPUs that made Microsoft withhold the rollout of the annual Win10 updates for these systems until Microsoft had identified the issue, but that's why it's generally a good idea to postpone the updates on older PCs.
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    Last driver for HD2000- HD 4000 is 13.9 (still provided on amd website - i just checked), previous were 13.4 and 13.1.

    I found that link which works perfectly using catalyst 13.1 legacy (13.9 doesn't work, but don't know why...)

    Here is a copy-paste of the steps to follow:
    1: Download the legacy driver for your system and run the installer but close it after it unpacked all the installation files to C:\AMD
    2: Open Device Manager
    3: Under Display adapters right click on adapter used in your system and click Update Driver Software
    4: Click on the second option Browse my computer for driver software
    5: Click Let me pick from a list of device... in the next menu and Have Disk... on the following.
    6: Click Browse on the pop-up menu and go to C:\AMD\AMD_Catalyst_13.4_Legacy_Beta_Vista_Win7_Win8\Packages\Drivers\Display\W86A_INF
    7: Select the first .inf file - In my case this is: C7156445.inf - and click open.
    8: Select the model from the list that corresponds to your hardware (there were two of the same in my case so I just clicked the first) and click Next. Afterwards the driver should install accompanied with several screen flickers.
    9. Now re-run the legacy driver installer from AMD and have it install the Catalyst Control Center.
    10. Restart the computer if you'd like.

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