Ati HD5570 512Mb Gddr5 bios required!!!

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    Sapphire HD5570 512 GDDR5
    Hello to everyone,

    Before 2 weeks i bought a Sapphire HD5570 512Mb GDDR5, and i got it used. The card functions pretty well and combined with my Core I3 2100 can do miracles in Crysis Warhead (plays at enthusiast settings at 20-25fps in 1366x768). Anyway it has just one problem with the fan, it doesn't speed up when the temp rises, i tried Radeon Bios Editor to modify the existing bios (also tried the fan speed fix) but simply it doesn't speed up automatically. Now i have resolved it with MSI Afterburner by defining manually the speed levels. Anyway i would like to solve it in the bios.

    What i ask from you guys is just a bios for HD5570 512Mb GDDR5, so if you have a HD 5570 with 512Mb GDDR5 pleeeease send it to me. Doesn't matter if it is not Sapphire your card, what it matters is the GPU and the memory to be the same.
    It is really easy to extract the bios file from your card using GPU-Z Download by clicking on the small button asside the bios version.

    You can send it to my email

    Thanks to everyone!!
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