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  1. bhbilbao

    bhbilbao Guest

    I made a modification of atiogl.xml for v.7.23 including last profiles.
  2. bhbilbao

    bhbilbao Guest

    Forgot the script used(this doesnt work):


    And this works:
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  3. bhbilbao

    bhbilbao Guest

    Trying to make a new patchscript i see that with last code there is no DMC1 line. Why??
    And Dst1_0 should be Dst1

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  4. terrablader

    terrablader Guest

    update to 5850 to 7800 mod with 7.23 drivers

    Dam dam dam...
    The modded drivers worked great for a week, i checked specvief test a couple times a day. laptop not conected to internet. Did not even really use it for anything just left it on booted it up and left it on.

    The mod still says 7800, but the frame rate dropped down in specview perf 10.00 test SW01 test 37 fps again..... no more 104 fps anymore.

    nothing I mean nothingg seams to be able to get the card to show the modded frame rates again.. I uninstalled drivers reboot, disable device sign, dseo program all of it nothing brings it back..

    what is causing this ? Is windows doing some kind of check? Maybe a SR2 security update of some type? again I have done nothing on this computer,no updates etc recently, very clean install just boots without the mod working suddenly

    Shocko, Gellmar, CADCAT anyone got an idea?

    I have the drive cloned so I just over write the hard drive with a cloned version and its back to before the drivers un-modded themselves. but its not the best way to fix it, considering it might do this quite frequently.

    Thanks in advance
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  5. bhbilbao

    bhbilbao Guest

    Is this thread dead??

    I bought a HD4890 1GB DDR5 OVERCLOCKED for softmod to FIREGL 8750.
    The HD4890 uses RV790XT and the FIREPRO8750 RV770XT, the other diference is the 2GB vram of firepro, but the HD4890 is superior.

    Trying a script for FireGL driver 8.723 _ win xp_x64(no windows seven)

    Using FirePro_8.723_XP64_98789
    -SPECViewperf10 Maya Test: WFM: 55
    -OPENGL V.3.2
    -Shader model vs_3, ps_3 ¿?
    -165 of 184 opengl V8750 extensions.(the v8700 uses 185 extensions)
    -Maya: viewport2 opens
    -Vue 10: correct texture in terrain modeler.(Opengl.2.1+ shader model 4)
    -Speedtree7 trial: not opens ¿?.

    I see that there are 2 options for XP 64.
    -Drivers 8.633, gain up to 250frames and loose opengl and shader model extensions.
    -Drivers 8.723, loose down to 50frames but gain opengl features in programs.

    Is that, or use Windows7.

  6. bhbilbao

    bhbilbao Guest

    SPECViewperf10.0 x64 Multithread (1280x1024)
    Viewset=Composite=4 thread
    3dsmax-04- 52.44
    catia-02 - 54.19
    maya-02 - 76.63
    proe-04 - 35.61
    sw-01 - 75.88
    tcvis-01 - 20.09
  7. SimpleCAD

    SimpleCAD Guest

    Just wondering if you connected an additional monitor after your original tests?
    I have found that I get great SpecView results with 1 monitor connected. When I add a second monitor the performance drops back to a standard HD4870.
  8. terrablader

    terrablader Guest

    thanks not using a second monitor. But I think I am making progress turning off any power management on the laptop seems to help, all setting when on battery set to maximum performance and ATI power management turned off .

    and another thing when rebooting to the other partition that does not have modded drivers I am doing a full shutdown and battery removal, then boot up which might be clearing RAM on the video card,? prior to reboot.

    Occasionally I get 75 frames per sec versus 105 on specviewperf 10 after reboot but I completely power down and remove battery then the results return to 105.
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  9. alex87alex

    alex87alex Guest

    Hi all, this thread is very useful! Thank you all!

    I want to mod my Ati Mobility Radeon HD 3430. I saw it has VR620 chip, corresponds to FirePro v3700. I have a problem with patchscript.. I cannot find it for Win7 64bit, only for WinXp 64bit. Someone can help me?
  10. ilhan805

    ilhan805 Guest

    I will directly go into my primary concern. I don not want you to read long sentences for all day here.

    (((For soft modding, the main trick is "patch script" as I understand right? But as far as I know, only a few people can make it work. I followed topics up to 2003, scaned a lot of threads, fllowed all the links given. Search the issue from extarnal sources like [.u.r.l.].h.t.t.p.:././.w.w.w...r.a.g.e.3.d...c.o.m.[./.u.r.l.]. .(. and finally stoped at .[.u.r.l.].h.t.t.p.:././.n.v.w.o.r.l.d...r.u./.f.i.l.e.s./.o.l.d./.d.o.c.s./.s.f.g.l...h.t.m.l.[./.u.r.l.]. which is Unwinder's article. I stoped because there is no information about how to make patch scripts even at this article.)))

    Would you give some clue, tip, tool, link or tutorial about how to make it work? I think there would be a good reason that you did not explain it up to now. But I want it for myself so all the responsiblty will be mine. I am an avarage pc user but I have time for this stuff. I think may be I can learn it with hard working

    Thank you for your time.

  11. terrablader

    terrablader Guest


    Print first page, follow it exactly.

    Most people actually probably get it to work. But one wrong step and its a toss up if it will work. Follow the directions exactly... Read the whole thread every page you will see where people miss a step or use the wrong script.

    Use a 4870 card. They are $50 now and perform decently still for CAD.

    I have modded about 5 models, and many pcs over the years. Thanks to the work of Shocko and others, and good people here. Sometimes its a fight, the 4870 is not, it mods every time.
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  12. terrablader

    terrablader Guest

    Follow up to my post. This is an Alienware 15x.

    The mod has been good for many months, rebooting to another partition without full shut down can permanently ruin the mod it seems, maybe something still resident in the video card? I actually remove the battery as well when now booting to the other partition.

    Also all power management stuff shut off especially for the video card, maybe the firepro-8800 has different power management features.

    This has been a cool mod indead to get an I7 laptop going with Firepro features for a decent price. Most likely the last mod will ever do since it seems like this is a dead issue these days for the newer hardware.
  13. aksgennext

    aksgennext Guest

    Is it possible to softmod amd HD 7730m Graphic card into any fireGl/Firepro graphic graphic card.

    if yes please Guide me. i am newbie. i cant find any FirePro/FireGl graphic card having same device id as that of 7730m (Device id : 682F)
  14. terrablader

    terrablader Guest

    ATI 5730 >>> V5800 confirmed

    Alienware 15x ATI 5730 modded to V5800 rockin!

    another great mod 95 fps in SWX01 Specview 10 thanks guys!
    8.723 drivers
  15. godknowswhy

    godknowswhy Guest

    Hi guys, could someone please upload an installable driver package (already modded) for any ATI / Amd card and for any Operating System that is working. Much appreciated and thanks.

  16. shrisha

    shrisha Guest

    Hi guys.
    Is softmodding dead? Is there is a way to do something for Vega 64?

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