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  1. Veselinbg

    Veselinbg Guest

    Ok, I changed with the new MayaTest.mel and once again Maya hanged:

    After this point, the only thing I can do is to close Maya via Windows Task manager. Despite that, there is no problem to run any other program.

    Yes, Maya hangs when the framerate is high.

    Here is my observations after opening from SPECapc manually:

    Wireframe: ~101 fps
    Shaded: ~75 fps
    Textured: ~55

    The performance is steady, but not as high like before.
  2. schoko

    schoko Guest

    well, it looks like during the benchmark the opengl caps run at 100%, but somewhere is a bottleneck ( buffering ?) and once the graphics card can´t handle the data anymore maya simply stalls.

    but it is interesting to see that a manual open and play seems to be working correct. the fps count you see look quite good actually. thats about what the card should handle when it works at it´s best, without causing some buffer overflow....

    i´m still testing some settings, but i think even if the spec cap doesn´t work for some reason, the setting might still speed up maya in everyday modelling, texturing....

    will keep you updated if another setting for the atiogl.xml looks more promising.
  3. Veselinbg

    Veselinbg Guest

    Ok, Thanks Schoko!

    Here is results from ordinary Radeon driver and scene:

    Wireframe: ~95 fps
    Shaded: ~74 fps
    Textured: ~55 fps


    CADCAT Guest

    I think the driver is already optimized for CATIA V5 just turn on VBO in CATEnv and it will run like hell..

  5. schoko

    schoko Guest

    i have completed some testruns in spec cap for maya2009 to compare the performance of my hd 2600 mobility and the fireglmod with the original atiogl.xml and one modified atiogl.xml.

    what you can clearly see is that the modified atiogl.xml shows quite some performance improvement in the first three tests compared to firegl mod with the original atiogl.xml and the radeon driver ( Werewolf duet, Hand and insects). the last two tests draw an ambivalent picture.

    i have note the highest and the lowest fps per scene:
    this clearly shows that the firegl has more potential, that can be unleashed. the question that arises is why the last two tests of spec cap don´t show much higher performance. it might be due to the limitations of my hardware, but i doubt it. i guess there is still a lot of driver optimisation by ati needed, at least there seems to be quite some performance unused in these firegl cards.
    after running the spec cap benchmarks a few times it seems that the performance drops when the is loaded. after that every test shows normal firegl levels.

    for now i guess i can stop modifying the atiogl.xml, since all the settings i tested either show the performance drop to the standard firegl levels, or if performance doesn´t drop, maya stalls at some point due to something like a buffer overflow, not exactly sure what it is yet.

    it would be interesting to know how the modfied atiogl.xml behave in maya when doing everyday tasks. for now we know that the performance drops only happens in the active viewport, not the others. and this only seems to happen when you had one file open, and you close that scene to load another one.
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  6. schoko

    schoko Guest

    oh , my...
    i guess i have spoken too soon... sometimes i should simply shut my mouth ;)

    just found a setting that get some fps more in most scenes, and seems to be stable. especially in the toystore scene it rocks in shaded and textured mode. will keep you posted....

    and here is the new atiogl.xml :
    could you please test this, since one looks very good..... ;) there might be a degradation in the wireframe model of the toystore, but all other test are working great, without any performance drop... i guess were on the right track here.
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  7. Veselinbg

    Veselinbg Guest

    The performance is GREAT!

    Bike: ~150 fps
    Mayascene2: 11,3 - 23,2 fps
    MayaCarbench: 13,6 fps
    Textbench: ~93 fps

    Here is some screens:


    There was performance improvements with SPECapc also, but couldn't finish the benchmark.
    The first run of SPECaps, Maya stopped (but remain responsive) and gave me error: Failed to open input file: C:/Users/Vesko/AppData/Local/Temp//maya3940000000000102D3A0.iff
    The second run reached to ToyStoreSPEC, smoothShaded and then hanged. There was some artifacts with wireframe view.
  8. schoko

    schoko Guest

    looks really good... i guess you should post these results in the maya-carbench-thread and bikebench-thread... you have the fastest card ever tested in those scenes ;)

    i am still trying to optimize a bit more, and well see if even the last bug will be sorted out. :)

    btw. thank you for all the testing. i wouldn´t have come this far without you testing the different settings..... :thumbup:

    and here are my results for the various benchmarks:
    hd 2600 mobility @ firegl v 5600 : 52.9 fps
    carbench : 07.9 fps
    mayascene2 :5.2 - 10.7 fps

    spec cap for maya2009
    i have note the highest and the lowest fps per scene:
    for now these benchmarkresults and the ones from veselinbg are looking very promising. it´s time that somebody tries to test everyday´s real work.
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  9. rogerio

    rogerio Guest

    I have a core i7 920 and a ati hd4890 but get less than you, 'only' 95 frames on bike scene's.

    Veselinbg, can you make the bike test whithout overclocked cpu settings, please?
  10. Veselinbg

    Veselinbg Guest


    Here is test results with the latest Atiogl.xml and CPU@2600MHz:

    Bike: ~100 fps
    Textebench: ~82 fps
    MayaCarbench: ~8,5 fps
    Mayascene2: 8,1-15,4 fps




    I suppose that your screen resolution is higher than mine (1600x1200) and that's why your scores are less than mine.

  11. rogerio

    rogerio Guest

    Hi Veselinbg, thanks! I see that you are getting 50+/- frames more with cpu over on bike scene's, nice!

    But my screen resolution is not higher than 1600x1200 like you supose, its still lesser when I tested.

    Perhaps the fact of you to have 6 gig of memory and I only 2, explain this difference of performance.

    Whith a 4890 and same processor like you and without over, I think that I could obtain the least 100 frame as you.

    your his 4850 is overclocked also?

    thanks again!
  12. rogerio

    rogerio Guest

    Hi, thanks! I will try later.
  13. Veselinbg

    Veselinbg Guest


    My videocard is at default settings.
  14. schoko

    schoko Guest

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  15. xKrNMBoYx

    xKrNMBoYx Guest

    Well i see there is a good guide to do the soft modding. I was going to ask a question in the gellmar thread but it would not let me so luckily this thread exists. I will be needing to softmod a 4850 when i purchase my i7 920 build.

    The only questions are.

    is there is a softmod that works for a radeon 4850 on windows 7 64bit
    what model equivelent is it to a firegl/pro
    what drivers must i use for it.

    I'll check the other posts and stuff, but just incase i cant find the info, someone help


    okay i think i got all the instructions and downloaded everything that i need. now i must wait until i purchase and put together the pc


    I have one real important question.

    When editing the patch script

    do i write force FirePro V8750 capabilities or force ATI FirePro V8750 capabilities
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  16. Veselinbg

    Veselinbg Guest

    It should be: force FirePro V8750 capabilities

    I already did softmoding of 8.634 driver for Win 7 x64, forcing 4850 to FirePro V8700 and 4850 to FireStream 9250.
    I can upload them, if you want.
  17. xKrNMBoYx

    xKrNMBoYx Guest

    Really, so when u softmod it did it give u better production?

    Yes if you could upload the ones you used or the best one of the two.

    Then i might try 8750 later
  18. PC620

    PC620 Guest

    Hello, it's my first post here but have been doing a lot of readings here. Great site.:)

    After countless hours of reading, decided to give a softmod a try on my HD4890 to FireGL V8700 by following Schoko's instruction. Everything went well and quick so I am not 100% sure I did it correctly. The card iinfo shows up as FireGL V8700. I also have additional option in Riva Tuner called "Digital Panel (DVI)4" which I didn't have prior.

    Here's all I did (perhaps there's less steps to do for XP32?):
    1. Replaced this file: atiogl.xml
    2. Updated the .INF file with my HD4890 device ID.
    3. Manual updated the driver. That's it.

    Does this look right? From my reading looks like the other additional patches are specific to X64, Vista or Win7. I currently working on getting a Specview Perf 10 to verify. Is there a quick way to verify if I have some improvement or not? Thanks in advance for your reply.

    My pc config:
    Intel Xeon Dual 3.4GHz Quad Core
    XFX HD4890
    4GB RAM
    Pro XP32
  19. Veselinbg

    Veselinbg Guest

  20. schoko

    schoko Guest

    Well, yes, you have forgotten something.... ;)
    the most important step of this patch, the modification of the ati2mtag.sys has not happened.
    there is no patchscript available right now, since i haven´t had time to make that patchscript available.
    i guess i will look into that in the next days and post it in the advanced section where i have posted all the scripts for driver 8.634.

    till then you can just use the driver as it is, but you won´t experience any performance boost, not unless you patch the ati2mtag.sys.
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