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    EVGA 9800GTX 512m
    hey all.. i just made my 1st step from nvidia to ati. got me a 9800Pro AIW. but i got a prob... i wanna run 3 displays, so i have the 9800 and a nvidia fx5200 dual vga out installed now.. and whenever the nvidia is installed , apon bootup into windows the ati control panel software will crash... and again when i goto display properties to change stuff. it works great without the nvidia card installed. but thats not an option. i want 3 monitors :) running cat 3.10;s now... will attempt other ver in time. any thoughts? thanx
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    GF 6600GT/ 6800GT went for RMA
    why u need 3 displays? :eek3:
    anyway its long story...
    ATI and NVIDIA dont go hands together.
    but anyway do this.
    Disable AGP8x if your mobo supports it and use AGP4X.
    If you dont need Graphic accelaration on 5200 then go to its advance settings>troubleshooting and set hardware accelaration tab to none.
    If you just need 3 displays then i sugest using single card, yes just your 9800AIW.
    Use VGA, DVI( DVI-VGA converter) and use TV out on TV.
    There you go you have 3 displays ......
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    I think it's frightning why someone would have NVIDIA & ATI in their system, thats probably why control panels are having a fit.

    A friend, i think uses a Matrox card with his Radeon for 3rd display iirc and has no problems.

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