ati blackscreen and hard lock ups

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    ati sapphire 7870 ghz
    hi there
    first time guru poster, looooooooonng time lurker (fixed a lot of problems thanks to these forums).

    im at wits end, i purchased a new system in april this year ( 8 weeks ago)

    it consists of

    asus rampage 4 formula
    16 gb ram
    128 gb intel ssd
    750w corsair psu

    2 x sapphire 7870 ghz edition cards

    i built the system, installed win7 64, all updates etc bios and whats not, latetest vid drivers which were 12.3 at the time.

    what is happens, since basically day 1, is one of the cards goes to black screen, and the fan goes to 100% or really loud, whilst the other card is still displaying what ever i was doing on the 2/3 monitors

    so, since then ive tried all driver version, 12.3 rite up to latest 12.6 beta, ive changed the cards around in pci slots, i dont run cross fire, i just run 3 monitors 2 off 1 card, 1 off the other, but i still have this black screen persist, playing eve online, or world of war craft. The other card just locks the system up completly, no blue screen, no nothing, and it requires a hard reset.
    so i pulled the black screen card out, put it in sons computer which is a i930 build, and it done the same thing on a single monitor, whilst playing games., the 2nd 7870 card still locks my main system up. So i have pulled both 7870 cards out of my main new system, and are currently running 2 x 6870 cards, been running all 3 screens on them non-xfire, havent had a single crash in 6 days, where before with the 7870 cards i would get a crash anywhere from 10 minutes of playing to 5 hours of playing.

    things i have tried
    changing cards around in the pci slots
    all drivers from 12.3 to the 12.6 beta
    declocking the cards to ati defaults
    disable ulps
    changing dvi/hdmi ports
    fresh install of win7 + 12.6 beta's
    using cards on another system, with same results and errors
    confirming that current build is stable with my previous ati 6870 cards.

    im really at a loss at what to do here, i cant give you a file dump, because they dont give me any, one card goes black monitor and the fan goes to max, even though the temps show fine, the other just hangs the whole system up, no blue screen, ot video stopped recovering etc etc

    im at the point now where im going to rma both cards, because frankly, i can see there at fault, either hardware or the software, because the 2 ati 6870 cards work flawlessly.
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    CFx 7770
    Does it do this with just one card in? This issue is so random and annoying because you don't get dump reports out of it. I posted here and showed a dmp when I could finally get a bsod out of the issue and I was told to get rid of my bluetooth drivers and a few others and I pinpointed it down to my BT dongle and drivers causing black screens. Removed them and have been black screen free since. Running 7770 cf
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    Sapphire 7870

    just to let you know that you are not the only one with the problem...
    should I rma too?

    there are so many of us 7870 having the same problems, that I'm starting to think that it's normal with this card because it's new... :(
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    AMD radeon HD 5450 512MB
    Radeon hd 5450

    hi there

    i have just got this new card and it works great in all 3 safe modes but when i enter normal mode it gets to the windows 7 starting screen then freezes, the computer continues and logs in but the graphics remain frozen and will not proceed any further, has anyone had this issue with any other graphics cards in the 5000 series and if so how do i fix this issue and get back in to normal mode.

    the PSU is holding up very well along with the CPU, memory and HHD (x2) but as u can tell from this information i still cant load up in normal mode, what is the issue here.

    help is greatly needed.



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    MSI 280X
    not so sure that this will work but have you tryed F8 and restore last known good config
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    XFX 7870 GHz Edition 2GB
    Possible fix to 7870 Black screen and sound loop problem.

    Hi Guys,

    I am a first time poster here in 3d Guru, long time stalker :p.... love the reviews and have read on so many issues which were solved on the forums... I thought it would be a good time to give back to the community which helped me for so many years...

    I recently planned on building a new rig cause I moved into a new apartment and only had a laptop which could not fulfill my gaming needs. I am a student so my PC was not the best of the best but preety good for a student. So I faced some troubles in my build, the first being a defective mobo and then the infamous 7870 problem. I searched the internet for the last two days , trying to find a solution to the problem , at the same time I did not want to RMA (didnt have the original package). However I cam across a forum which tried to fix the problem but the explanation was not so good and did not relate to the 12.7 beta driver which I think every 7870 user has installed. So let me give you the steps for this fix and I hope it works, so far I havent had any crashes playing Diablo 3, BF3, Killing floor 2 , all on maximum settings.

    Okay so two things are causing the crashes:
    1. 2d clocks ( I guess this is the clocks of your gfx card wen ur in the desktop and not running any games)
    2. ULPS ( don' know if helped me but just in case)

    Steps to increase 2D clocks:

    1. Go to CCC and enable over drive.
    2. Put your fan speed up to 100% (just to be careful :) ) and the Power slider to +5% (just in case )
    3. Now close CCC. Open up task manager.
    4. Go to the Process Tab and delete CCC.exe and MOM.exe and any other process related to CCC or ATI
    5. Make sure you can see hidden files and go to the following directory, C:\Users\(Username)\AppData\Local\ATI\ACE\profiles.xml and open it using notepad
    6. Look for :
    <Property name="Want_0" value="x0000" /> (x0000 is your idle-state core clock. Change the value to the one's in "Want_1")

    <Property name="Want_0" value="y0000" /> (y0000 is your idle-state memory clock. Change the value to the one's in "Want_1")

    I don't exactly remember but there should be a property related to the voltage make sure that is also the same value as "Want_1" corresponding to the property.

    7. Click save in note pad.

    8. Open CCC.

    9. Using GPU_Z or similar software see the current clocks of your memory and core, it should be at the maximum level.

    Now try playing a game or running a program which causes the black screen it should not take place....
    If it is try disabling ULPS by downloading this exe from this website...

    Restart your computer and see if everything is working alright...

    So from mhy understanding, your 7870 when playing games sometimes downclocks to the 2D clocks (which u just changed) this results in the game freezing due the sudden loss of processing power. I am not so tech related so I might be wrong but this fixed worked for me so far, I will post if anything comes up later on. And if it works please post a reply so we can give this fix to other users who face similar problems.

    Experiment with the settings so you can reduce your idle clocks without crashing in the game and also reducing the fan speed.

    Dont forget to change your power settings to High performance (again just in case :p )
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    MSI Radeon HD 7770 1 GB
    thanks for the tip

    so ive been struggling with the same 7700 series issues others described till i tried what you suggested. IDK what version of the card you have but my low, end single fan version doesnt sound pretty at 100% speed, 65-70 seems like a good range after playing with it. the black screen issues i was having when the card downclocked have been effectively eliminated, all i get now is some occasional program crashes is some older games, toying with the speeds will fix it im sure, maybe i could let it downclock to something more reasonable. Anyways good post and tip, this fixed the issue for me and i recommend others try it as well, just wish id found this before i spent all day re installing windows 7.
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