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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by SYSCLoK, Aug 6, 2006.

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    Ok, thIs is the thing...
    For a very long time (since 6.5 drivers) that I cant install ATI Drivers in my laptop.Now tried to instal the new 6.7........

    Give always the same:
    Severe Error: Setup was unable to complete installation
    Try to setup display adapter with standard vga
    driver before running setup.

    I mean...can someone PLEASE tell me how to solve this issue?
    Some guy found how to, but he was to d#mm lazy to explain set-by-step..
    It has something to do with the registry LOCALMAXINE\ATI insert a RunOnce key etc........HELP!!!

    Some how the Omega drivers instal just fine, but they are a little outdated...
    (PLEASE dont change my post to the ATI Drivers one goes there....and I need help!!)
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    What about asking in the main ATI section instead of the drivers section it will get more traffic?

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