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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by DeathtrapX, Sep 15, 2005.

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    x800 XT 256mb sapphire 500/500
    I have an asus k8v mother board, deluxe edition. I have 1 corsair stick of 512mb ddr ram (200 mhz) , and a stick of crappy centon 512mb (166 mhz .... ). X800 XT 256mb Sapphire, 3200 athlon 64 bit @ 2ghz stock.

    I don't even run the centon chip anymore, I just use my corsair 512mb ddr stick 3200 on both sticks.

    My problem = horrible FPS

    My fps is the same in all new 3d games , Fable, bet on soldier, cs:s, anything, name it, same fps. GTA SA even .... fps averages from 30-high 40's. No Idea why, months ago I never had these issues on this rig.

    I have come to the conclusion that its hardware related simply because AA/AF have literally no impact on my fps.

    This is a key to solving my problem I believe ... I can max AA in Fable and cs:s or any game for that matter, or play without any AA at all, and my fps is the same. FPS drops in the same exact areas (usually with big environments). I can play with max mipmap detail (high quality), or I can play with High performance (lowest quality level) , guess what? Same fps drops in the same places, doesn't matter what teh detail level is in any game. Same fps no matter what.

    It's funny , I ll get 25 fps in bet on soldier demo with mip map on low, textures totally set to low in game also, basically it looks like some kinda first person shooter test game that you might see on nintendo 8 bit. Then I ll make the graphics look great in game , and turn mip map up ..... same fps, with beautiful graphics.

    This makes no sense at all, please can anyone help?

    (P.S. I tried changing my FSB/Mem ratio, no difference at all, I am at the point where I am about to just save up my checks to build a new PC .... this is what I get for buying 1. ) I really don't know what to do anymore, I can't play any games at 25-30 fps .... it's just to hard.
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    When you've tried EVERYTHING, format and re-install Windows.

    I don't have any ideas for you [assuming you've updated vid. and chipset drivers] :/
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    I assume you've done all the usual tweaks - disabled all unnecessary services, permanent paging file size, optimized the registry, run ccleaner, etc.? Your system specs should be more than adequate to run those games with decent FPS.

    ...and re-installing windows is the last resort. But I do it about every 6 months. :p

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