Asus Xonar STX doesn't sound right (RCA OUT)

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    So momomo did you actually mange to fix it? A week a go i bought a used asus xonar st and i seam to have the same problem. Before i bought it the guy who sold it to me he tested the card with Sennheiser HD 558 which sounded clear. Once i hooked my amp and speakers i notes the sound was muddy and lifeless just like you experienced. Here is my setup: amp yamaha a-s201 and speakers heco victa prime 302.
    Oh and i almost forgot i did tried with some cheap speakers like 10$ and with those it sounded clear. I would also want to say that i have an usb dac(nuforce udac-3) which sound good on my main setup.Any thoughts what is going on here?
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    You do realise this thread is over 7 years old and momo hasn't visited here for over 2 years. :)
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    So is the necromancer diablo patch up?
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    Even tho your both answers got nothing to do with my question they are still funny :D
    Anyway i found out what was the problem,you ready for it? So the problem was the sound card and i dont mean it was broken or it was something wrong with the driver.The card is bad for decent audio setups,i even tried some LME49720 which did change the sound.But really in the end its just an out date overpriced sound card.This was my last sound card, its obvious external DAC's are the future.
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