Asus Xonar AE - any reviews or examinations?

Discussion in 'Soundcards, Speakers HiFI & File formats' started by Bogdanov89, Aug 1, 2017.

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    I saw that Asus recently released a new sound card called Xonar AE

    I was unable to find any reviews or videos that detail how good the card's hardware, software and drivers are.

    Does anyone know of a reliable review?
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    May be a while before you see an review of it, most like it flew under people radars. I forgot about it my self, as I seen it on the asus site months ago. It looks like it may be an replacement for the Xonar DG/X and DS/X series due to it sharing some features from each of the Two,Merged into one card. Such as the op-amp socket from the DS/X and the Headphone amp from the DG/X. While using better Caps and an ESS ES9023P for it's dac chip, while still using the AV100 DSP chip.

    No idea which hp amp chip it using, but most likely it might be the same one that was used on the DG/X. Won't know til some one get hold of the card and review it.

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