Asus TI4200, good or bad

Discussion in 'Videocards - NVIDIA GeForce' started by Neo_Potency, May 22, 2003.

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  1. Neo_Potency

    Neo_Potency Guest

    I was looking at this card on newegg:

    ASUS V9280TD Geforce4 Ti4200 128MB 128 bit AGP 8X TV-OUT & DVI RETAIL

    Will that play games at a constant top framerate, like quake3 in 1024x768 32bit with all details on high at a constant 90fps?

    Also how is its performance at BF 1942?
  2. popbuggy

    popbuggy Guest

    OK...That is the exact card that I am using...I don't play quake3 but I can tell you this much: It is not a bad card which means it does average job among many gf4Ti series. so, What I would recommend is to buy something like Gainward or MSI that kind which most ppl using. But really I am a bit disappointed with gf4Ti. Maybe I expected too much.
    With my system. I got over 10k in 3dmark01 and 1.6k in 3dmark03 without overclocking. Games like NWN, morrowind and splinter cell wouln't run fluently at maxed option(1024*7XX based). With AA and AF, performance drops significantly. but strangely enough with Quincunx I get better FPS and AF 2x won't effect that much about 2,3 fps in game. Games like WC3, C&C General, GTA3 runs fluently with almost no lag.
    Even in CS which is old game, I can't get it constant 80 I think. Quake 3 is quite an old game too, so I think you will get 90fps but what is the point 60fps 90fps has no difference?

    ps Quincunx is AA option that came out since GF3.
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  3. Neo_Potency

    Neo_Potency Guest

    hey thanks for that info, have you ever played ut2003 at all? if so, what kind of performance are you seeing
  4. popbuggy

    popbuggy Guest

    I just test 3dmark01 with Quincunx with 2x AF got 6500 approx. which is not bad I haven't played ut2003 so can't give you that info. The reason why I bought asus was morrowind which is kinda silly to think about it now :)

  5. Jw_Leonhart

    Jw_Leonhart Ancient Guru

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    EVGA GeforceGTX 770 SC
    I get a great score with that same exact card and I love it. I have no problems with the card at all, and it is a decent run for the money.

    If you want a good overclocker though I would have to say look more towards Gainward as they make cards specifically for that. Although Asus does also they usually run a little bit more than the Gainward cards run and Gainwards usually overclock great.

    My highest 3dmark score with this system is 12000 and by average is around 11800 or so. The card does a great job though for the average GF4Ti card.
  6. Neo_Potency

    Neo_Potency Guest

    thats good to here because i just ordered it for overnight delivery:D

    only thing newegg says its gunna take 24-36 or something like that to get processed :( :mad:

    i assume it will be an improvement over my current card, correct?
  7. Junk

    Junk Guest

    big time. the mx series is a big disappointment..
  8. popbuggy

    popbuggy Guest

    yeah my aperture size was 0 before when i benchmarked so far and I figured out how to set it 128 just now!! THE DIFFERENCE IS BIG! wow I LOVE my graphic card now. ASUS ROCKS LOL~ I am not disappointed anymore! My 3dmark is now 12000 without any overclocking..! which is great!
  9. MiSerYsEcHo

    MiSerYsEcHo Guest

    There are more Ti4200 owners on forums across the web then any other graphics card. In my eyes, it was Nvidia's greatest product/value.
  10. Grov

    Grov Guest

    Of course it will, i get more than 100fps on my geforce 2.:rolleyes:

  11. Neo_Potency

    Neo_Potency Guest

    sounds good, looks like i'll be having fun soon:p
  12. GfXMetz

    GfXMetz Guest

    Well running my Gainward GeForce 4 TI 4200 8X Ultra, 4X AA, and 2X Anisotropic. i can achieve a maximum of 588 FPS in medal of honor allied assaut with 1024 X 768 x 32 with max detail, with about 150-200 fps consistently depending on how much action is going on with one spot. and if you play MOHAA and are stuck on 90fps? open up the console and type com_maxfps 0 and see what happens =)

    And uhh Anisotropic really doesnt do much unless you compare screen shots for hours on end... so just leave it off, it really improves your FPS. and no higher than 4X AA for it doesnt really make much more of a difference besides droping your FPS.
  13. loop343

    loop343 Guest

    I have the 9280/td its great, you didnt make a mistaked.
  14. popbuggy

    popbuggy Guest

    how well your card overclock? Mine almost doesn't overclock. :'(
  15. jeffro87

    jeffro87 Member Guru

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    ati 4670
    I own the super fast,which has the faster memory and runs at 275/600(smartdoctor) has made comparable benchmarks to the 4600. i have ran mine well at 310/610. the video suite does come with the hardware monitoring ,while the others dont. depends if you want to do video work or just play games.I am very happy with my card.

  16. Timmy

    Timmy Member

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    my MSI Ti4200 does 310/620, can't be bad can it? :D

    i think MSI gfx cards are near the top, excellent quality :O
  17. popbuggy

    popbuggy Guest

    agreed....MSI, Leadtek, 3..
  18. irisrei08

    irisrei08 Guest

    Asus TI4200 is good to use. I have use this. It working good. I have confuse about it's brand. But, I have get some good stuffs and then I buy this one.
  19. BladeRunner

    BladeRunner Ancient Guru

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    Asus 1080Ti STRIX
    trip down the memory lane
  20. alanm

    alanm Ancient Guru

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    Asus 2080 Dual OC
    Why necro the thread? Your post relevant 13 years ago, not today.
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