ASUS Shows AMD Ryzen 7000 ready ROG STRIX X670E-E and TUF X670E-Plus motherboards

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Aug 19, 2022.

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    They can shove them up their ass if those listed prices are real lol.
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    Indeed pricing for all of the upcoming new-gen hardware will be sticker-shock galore. I now very well recall some of your well chosen words! 50% of the lower-end support staff at NIKE in Beaverton, OR sitting pretty in 4x4 cubicles were relegated by HR to WFH. That was well over a year ago. Now most of us have been reclassified by friendly HR to casual employees or better put to work as independent consultants. Sorry boys and girls you are now on your own! When I will soon be ogling the comprehensive line of new MB’s, I will surely be reminded once again of my very own similar comments at that time. For the masses the good times are over at least for now. Intel is hiring however at their new Hillsboro, OR campus. Super benefits! Perhaps there is a glimmer of hope for me after all for a steady paycheck?
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    while these are very pretty and very robust, i have two main thoughts over the entire X670E concept.

    1) by creating X670E you are creating HEDT by chipset only. no changing sockets or adding cpu SKUs.
    so of course it will be more expensive than a regular board, but it is far less expensive than a traditional HEDT system where you're buying this type of mobo & the most expensive consumer CPUs ... i went that route for many years over four generations of Intel processors so i can tell you truthfully this is less expensive
    & you don't "need" a ryzen 9 to use it - i expect some of sales of the ryzen 7 to go X670E because not all OC'ers are core crazy and everyone loves getting performance.

    2) we really should hold off on all price related moaning and groaning until X670 comes out and we can honestly compare and contrast for features/pricing.
    **if you don't plan on OC'ing don't even be concerned about X670E**

    yes i will be seduced by the first ITX/DTX X670E
    mainly because i have a fondness for "mighty mite" systems and therapeutic benefits from tight wire management and compact w/c system building.
    and even if my boner for the eventual product shows i know it will be overpriced and have low availability.

    X670 (without the E) will be the family car and "sporty" convertible while the E is the muscle car/grand saloon
    i will undoubtedly buy X670 for gaming and only worry about the "E" when my 5950x system dies.
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