ASUS ROG GeForce GTX 780 Poseidon Platinum Review

Discussion in 'Hardware Reviews and News' started by Guru3D News, Dec 13, 2013.

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    In this review we test the GeForce GTX 780 Poseidon Platinum edition*from ASUS. The customized product is equipped with a massive cooler that can be air-cooled, but you may also connect it towards a ...

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    Guru3d can you please include htcp testing when reviewing videocards? Or at least a 24p check, i dont care much for the deinterlacing or other stuff.
    Nvidia has in their history of existence never released a solution that allows playing blurays without stuttering. I think it is time to bitch them so long till they finally fix this. Personally i find it ridiculous that people still cant use nvidia solutions for watching video content.

    Their default 24p implementation is 23.978 fps, which is wrong.
    Creating custom resolutions NEVER end up on 23.976, nomatter which timings you choose. Yes removing vertical pixels sometimes helps, but that creates distortion white stripes on my panasonic plasma.
    For a long time i used a custom resolution workaround of 23.975 Hz since its closer to 23.976 Hz than the next step: 23.978 Hz.
    And this worked ok, albeit not perfect with slight stuttering every few minutes.
    Now, with newer drivers they seem to have totaly broken it, with random framedrops all over.
    Even when using 24.00hz and upspeeding the movie content using reclock. (which used to work in the past).

    I spend 3 hours yesterday again trying to get my gtx670 to play a bluray on my secondary display (plasma HDTV). Different drivers, players, settings, with and without reclock etc etc. Nothing works and im fed up with it. :bang:

    So i went into bios, enabled intel HD video from my 4770k, booted up windows, installed drivers, set display on 23hz, started mpc-hc, and EUREKA it works! Seems intel finally fixed this problem, since in the past they were as bad as nvidia. So for now ill keep that as a solution.

    Before i had a amd 4870, here getting it fluid was hell as well,since the dynamic clocking always created framedrops.
    So had to overclock it using ati tray tools to lock the frequency.
    Then at least AMD's solution worked. (the default 23hz did not work either, u had to enable the AMD's custom HDTV 23hz resolution. Who makes this stuff up in the driver department, i dont know. :stewpid: )

    Or when i think of it, perhaps dedicate an article to it, just like the FCAT frame stutter issue.
    It might trigger more people to look into it, and force them to fix it, just like AMD improved their SLI microstutter.
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    GTX770 4GB OC
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    Gigabyte GTX 780 Ghz Sli
    Great Review :)

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