ASUS R7 260X 2Gb DirectCU II repair - missing components?

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    Might be a long shot to ask this here, but worth a try before I jump into a repair with close to no information... to keep it short, I was given an R7 260X 2Gb DirectCU II card from Asus, basically to try and fix it. After inspection, it seems there are a total of four passive components missing from the back of the PCB, highlighted in the picture in the post: two resistors (PR819, PR820), one diode (D270) and one capacitor. In the first round, I'm not too worried about the capacitor, but the resistors and diode are surely needed. But since I don't have the originals, I have no idea about the diode type (part number / ID) and the value of the resistors.

    Would anyone with the same brand of R7 260X and a multimeter be willing to help me out?

    Image of an intact Asus R7 260X from google images, with the missing components on mine highlighted:

    Thanks in advance.

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