asus athlon setup crash

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by tereck, Jan 14, 2001.

  1. tereck

    tereck Guest

    <BR>i have:<BR>athlon 950<BR>asus k7v w/kx133 via driver 4.125a<BR>383 mb ram @ 133<BR>asus v6800 using asus 5.33a driver<BR>winME<P>no over clocking!<BR>and it crashes non-stop!<P>cant figure out if it is some bad combination of mobo/video/chipset...<P>help<BR>did i put together an unholy piece of sh$t?
  2. Bitch Magnet

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    Yes. They generally do that the first time you put it together.<P>Reformat, re-install, flash to newest BIOS (1006, I think), run continuous windows updates for one week, put newer VIA 4-in-1 (V.4.26 or more) drivers, and then continue with the rest of the drivers. Then it shouldn't be so unholy; you'll only have to burn a goat every few months to keep it happy. And shouldn't that be 384MB of RAM?<P>BM

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