Asus a8v+heatsink question

Discussion in 'Consoles & console games' started by Island, Oct 31, 2004.

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    hey all..just wondering, i've got a a8v with a FX-53 and a thermalright heatsink\fan(I think cause the fan has the letter's TR on it) anyway, got my rig from Ibuypower and everything is running good, and my cpu temps are aroun 37c idle and 47-50c with heavy gaming...ambient temps are around 35-40c depending how hot my room is...Question is this...can all aftermaret heatsinks attach directly to the base that is supplied my the mobo manufacturer, like the one on my asus...I mean I really dont want to hafta take out the whole mobo to replace the back plate just to add another cpu cooler...I was looking at the thermaltake silentboost k8 and I know that one pops right in, but something a little more complex and better like the thermalright xp-120, im assuming u would have to change the whole bracket, correct? anyways, any help would be appreciated and any input or opinions on what u guys think would be a good cpu cooler also is appreciated...BTW, I just wanna slip it on w\o any modding hassles so please take that into consideration..thanks
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    i just got the zalman 7000-cu and yes u do have to take the board out to replace the back plate. its just glued on. i like it its quiet as hell and i got 8 fan plus the cpu one and its not as lound as my old one . its up to u but i recomend the zalman

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