ASRock teams up with Razer to bring you X570 and B550 Taichi Razer Edition Motherboards

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Nov 30, 2020.

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    At least a Razer branded product that last more than the end of legal support... :)
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  3. G13Homi

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    imagine synapse being force onto the drivers.... no thank you. i will hard pass on this one.
  4. anub1s18

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    meh of the RGB ecosystem's i've used razer's is not the worst....if you gimp it....

    having a zen 2 cpu allows you to easely tell which rgb ecosystems work well and which are kinda bad (it's easy to tell because with good rgb software it can run and the cpu will idle, with the rest it will not)
    NZXT (used on my intel system, software glitchy as all hell, got it to work simply with a old version but all newer versions did not work well with the rgb components so axe'd it)
    Corsair (nice software cpu always above 1.3v so not using that)
    Asus (horrible horrible software, cpu always runs above 0.9v, dead to me as my first year of battling armory crate resulted in 5 windows format's as it had beaten me and i could not get it to do anything anymore, aura does not work with my board....yay....)
    razer (kinda simplistic software, cpu always above 1.3v with chroma studio installed and running, axe chroma studio which means just red / green / purple whatever nothing fancy and idling down to 0.2v so i like it for that alone :p)
    and last the latest i've had experience with
    Aquacomputer / Aquasuite (compatible devices can run standalone without windows telling it what to do, as a result the software runs phenomenal even when applying advanced rgb effects because your pc tell's it what to do it, and it does it not your pc).

    that being said unless my pc were 100% razer themed...not the tipping point to push me to a board ,combination of price / features / and how overkill the vrm is counts much more (though at this point i would pay to replace asus armory crate with razer synapse... and a friend of mine in team MSI with a zen 2 cpu is not having a great time either).
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  5. TheDeeGee

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    Seems the PCI-E 16x slot is the very first one.

    Not a great board for big tower coolers then.

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