Aspire ES1-572 unlock bios/advanced mode ?

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    amd radeon hd 7770
    I have this laptop:
    if not work model:
    Aspire ES1-572
    A while ago I came across curious posts that said that laptops had a mode (advanced) look and look at my model and how I could and I came across many key combinations at the start of the laptop.
    well once restarting the laptop many times to be able to enter the advanced settings I managed to enter but only that time, I came across many options, do not touch anything leave a single I think changed and nothing else.
    my question is like between that time?
    if I come in once I can enter another ?
    I already asked them to modify my bios to unlock it but no one answered.
    you have the latest BIOS version that appears in the link above.
    any idea how to get in?
    Purpose to enter the bios :get the most out of the laptop and study your options.
    And the same thing I wonder about a small laptop that I have given the government of my pious, although that idea if it has anything like it is very old and rubbish.

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