Artifacts in videos after HDR use

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    I have a issue with Asus Vivobook 15 Oled Ryzen 5 laptop. Getting artifacts when watching videos after disabling HDR in browsers (Chrome, Edge) and stock win11 medai player.
    Video -
    Distortions appear and may disappear:
    - When viewing in full screen mode and exit
    - When rewinding
    - If the video is covered with the window of another program
    - If on the taskbar hover over the pop-up with the video
    - If the video page is scrolled down and then up
    I installed latest gpu driver via DDU and the problem persisted. And I found out that disabling the asusoptimization service solve this issue, but the asus support say that cant reproduce it and may be caused by system program conflicts.
    Any advice?

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