Are you a person who oils their fans?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Astyanax, Apr 2, 2021.

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    Had similar issue with my rear Corsair Ml 140 hd rgb fans, funny thing is for over 2 weeks i thought is was my pump from my Corsair h115i plat, i decided to put my finger on my rear fan to stop it and the ticking stopped so i gave the fan a little jiggle back and forth and its been good ever since but if it does it again i might just give it a bit of a lube with some clipper £30-40 a fan its cheaper than replacing each fan when they have minor noise issues
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    Strange that it would tick considering it's magnetic levitation.

    Yeah.. the price for good ones is pretty crazy considering it is just a simple fan, and now with seemingly everything having rgb it's that little bit more expensive when going with rgb in a fan.. them magnetic levitation fans though... mmmm mmmm.. kinda want.. don't need... but.. kinda want..

    I just ended up removing the ticking fan and putting in another that I saved from another case, now I've got 3 nzxt fans, 1 old antec on rear of rad and 1 corsair sp120 on front of rad and the bigboy on top.

    NZXT Aer P fans are pretty nice, they come in 140 size too, they are not ML fans, they use fluid dynamic bearings and from what I've experienced with them I can honestly say they are the quietest fans I've ever had.
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    wd40 is not an oil, its a solvent

    Corsair get you with the details,

    the ML series is a grease loaded fluid dynamic bearing that uses magnets to maintain the axial balance.

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