Are variable frame times like these normal?

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    I was having some stuttering on my 3070

    3070, 5600x,
    970 EVO 500gb
    EVGA G+ 750w

    I noticed a high DPC latency routine on latency mon so I uninstalled the NVidia audio drivers and left my audio interface pros sonus on.

    The stuttering went, but when I measure my freamtimes even with a ccapped FPS they are not rock solid

    Here is a picture from a game I capped at 120 fps. As you can see my FPS mostl7y stable but the frametimes are variable.

    I remember last time I analysed freamtimes was with Rainbow Six Siege (haven't got that installedd atm) and they were rock solid.

    This is the case for all my games I have tested.

    Here you can see my clocks, Vram etc seem normal? Those 5600x clocks are bouncing a bit is that ok. It does that in normal usage too.

    Just wondering if this is normal behaviour or I could have something better?


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    3060Ti 2055/16.2Ghz
    Are you capping the framerate in-game or with an external application?

    If you are actually seeing this stutter in-game, test changing the Low Latency Mode setting in the Nvidia control panel with the games again and see if it alleviates the stutter.

    If you are not actually seeing the stutter in-game and your physical mouse/keyboard input does not seem to be affected by it, then I would not worry about it.
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