are there any button-to-pixel input lag tests of scanline sync?

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    hello everyone, just wondering if there are any hard numbers on input lag, if any, when using scanline sync at the same FPS with vsync off vs no scanline sync?

    for example 120 hz 120 fps vsync off scanline sync ON,
    vs 120 hz 120 fps vsync off scanline sync OFF ?

    is it true that it adds zero input lag whatsoever compared to vsync off at same fps? and is there any "optimal" settings for it to reduce input lag as much as possible ? like the flush setting and so on?

    right now im playing a DX11 game (fifa 19) and set the tearline to the very bottom of the screen with scanline sync =1000 in RTSS, vsync forced off in nvidia control panel, it works very very well and is *extremely* smooth, using it with lightboost (old variant of ULMB) and its amazing, but i'm just curious if there is any input lag added compared to vsync off at same fps :)

    also using max prerendered frames 1 in nvidia, besides this theres not much else I can do to lower input lag I think when using scanline sync?

    PS if I disable scanline sync I get like 500 fps with my current graphics quality settings in the game, so I have more than enough gpu/cpu headroom and perfect frametimes (completely flat frametime graph at all times in all situations in game) , and I haven't messed around with the flush setting at all, I guess it is not needed and defaults to "1" for dx11 games?

    cheers !

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