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AR for everyone with Show It! app

Discussion in 'Tablets and Smart Phones' started by NoHopeNoTop, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. NoHopeNoTop

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    980 GTX / 4GB
    Hey everyone, I'm going to release an iOS application that allows adding most popular 3D file formats into it and displaying them in Augmented Reality. Right now I’m collecting feedback to improve use cases.

    Main purpose of the app is to allow everyone to upload their 3D models and watch them in AR. You can record videos with that for fun or integrate with your business e.g. if you sell furniture it might be good for your clients to watch your goods in AR. Like in Ikea app.

    So if any of you are interested and have iOS device that supports AR I just need your email to add you as a tester. Every tester that launch app at least once will receive 2 1-month promo codes and additionally I’ll reward those who posted a feedback that helped me improve the app with 1-year promo code.

    Example app usage video:

    Supported file formats:
    3d, 3ds, ac, b3d, bvh, cob, dae, dxf, fbx, gltf, ifc, irr, m3sd, md2, md3, md5anim, md5mesh, mesh.xml, nff, obj, off, ply, q3o, q3s, raw, smd, stl, wrl, x3d, xgl, zgl

    Supported devices:
    iPhone SE, iPhone 6s or higher
    iPad (2017) or any iPad Pro

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