AORUS Z690 Master motherboard leaks - LGA1700 socket and the PCIe Gen5 slot up close.

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Oct 15, 2021.

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    Interesting it's sticking to DDR4 for some Aorus products.
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    Hmmm ... according to the layout of this particular board, 4 slot graphics cards seem to become the standard in the future (no wonder whe using power envelopes with up to 450W)...
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    the leaked pictures show almost no rear usb ports which is worrying when x570 boards have sometimes 11+ of them
    the 2 bottom pcie slots either will be used for a NIC and or soundcard none of which require high pcie 4.0 or 5.0 bandwith
    or a single raid nvme card maybe if the chipset has enough lanes...

    if the m.2(s) I hope there's more than one if not intel is still 3 generations backwards compared to amd (cause it'll be the same as z390 basically) are under that large plate they will be cooked by the gpu and have zero case airflow...HORRIBLE DESIGN, see what good m.2 placement is from MSI which usually have the best motherboard layout of all brands
    3 is on the right (E-ATX obviously)
    2-1 at the bottom where they either receive airflow from the bottom fans if you have a modern :p case or at least don't take heat from the gpu and more than that, the 1 connected to the cpu most likely to be used as OS nvme is the one on the bottom right with the best coolest emplacement = GOOD DESIGN
    another huge problem with obsolete motherboard design they put the cpu connected m.2 slot in the worst hottest place all the time
    sata also better placed so are the additional cpu power cables and so are the pc case external usbs
    fyi in a lian-li 011 dynamic xl with 10 fans 3-3-3-1 those 3 m.2 under msi cooling plates were at 39-37-40°C, that's where they should be, stop cloning 20 year old MB design manufacturers ><
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