Aorus RTX 3080 Extreme power limit

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    Aorus RTX3080 EXTR
    Hello Guys,

    I struggle with my 3080...

    It was shipped with version F2 vBIOS

    With version F3 vBIOS, GTP was lifted to 450W for overclocking.
    I had F3 installed and everything was fine.. i was running stable 2100 mhz at 430w at 60-65°C.

    I upated the BIOS from F3 to F6 to enable resizable bar and then the problems started.

    I can't overclock it anymore, it crashes during overclocking or latest in the game.. I even rolled back to F3 BIOS, but I still can't get higher than 380W where the power limit is triggered, this is where the card craches...

    the Aorus Engine Tool says F3 BIOS is installed, GPUz says F3 BIOS is installed... the power limit is still fixed at 100% 380W and is not open for 450W as it shall be..

    Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?
    See screenshots: GPUZ.PNG power limit.PNG

  2. Maddness

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    3080 Aorus Xtreme
    Have you tried flashing to the F1 or F2 bios and then the F3. It's so simple on these cards. Also it has dual bios, so you can flash the second bios to F3 if all else fails.
  3. Mda400

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    I addition to Maddness' suggestions to reflash GPU firmware version's carefully in order, would recommend re-installing any overclocking software you were using to raise the power limit, as well as updating your driver to 465.89 or newer.

    460.89 shown in your GPU-Z screenshot does not support the Resizable BAR feature.
  4. Mufflore

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    Aorus 3090 Xtreme
    Dont use resizeable bar, then you can go back to the older bios.
    Its the best solution for a hassle free life until problems with it are resolved.
    I havent had any performance issues with my Aorus 3090 Xtreme without rebar, smooth as you like!

    Another possibility:
    Performance peaks could be pushing the card beyond available power and the new bios can trap this and throttles the gfx card rather than result in a crash.
    Your CPU can pull 250W RMS, the gfx card 450W RMS = 700W, way too close to your PSUs rated max output.
    Peak values can well exceed the RMS figures.
    As you havent listed the make/model of PSU, my guess is its not a great one so might not be capable of its rated power.
    And if its an ageing PSU, it may no longer be able to reach its rated max output.
    Test with a (newer perhaps) more powerful PSU or rig up dual PSUs - to see if it helps.

  5. insp1re2600

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    how many power connectors are on your card? if only two you may be limited anyway.

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    I can't understand why do you need 450W+, i have Aorus Extreme 3080, it has 3*8pin connectors, but i've undervolted core to 2000Mhz @0.950V and overclocked memory to 10000Mhz and it rarely consumes more than 320W in most intensive scenarios (Cyberpunk in 4K, RDR2 in 4K), also it produces less heat with combination of changed thermal pads (Thermal Grizzly Minus pads all over the place), no bottlenecked performance anywhere on latest rebar vbios lol

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