AOC U2868PQU - a good buy?

Discussion in 'Computer Monitor Forum' started by hbuus, Nov 4, 2014.

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    MSI GTX 770
    Would it be totally nuts to buy this 28" screen?
    It generally gets good reviews and seems like a bargain at $666.

    I'm gonna use it for every day desktop use + casual gaming (Battlefield 4, Civilization Beyond Earth etc.)

    Possible problems:

    - No G-Sync

    - I sit only 70-75 cm. away from the screen (27,5 - 29,5 inches). Perhaps it will be too big?

    - I only have a GTX 770 with 2 GB ram at the moment but may be able to get a GTX 970 with the money I can get from selling my current screen (Asus VG248QE) and GTX 770 graphics card

    - Other problems I may not be aware of?

    The screen is only 60Hz and like I said I come from an Asus VG248QE/144Hz, however I tried gaming at 60Hz on the Asus and it's acceptable to me even though 144Hz clearly looks better.

    I suspect G-Sync monitors will be too expensive when they come out and that it will take a while before they become affordable.

    What do you think?


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