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    well after playing it for the last couple of weeks i have to say this game has really surprised me. The first week of gameplay was absolutely horrible. Server instability, lag and memory leaks kept you from playing the game for more than 30min at a stretch. It was very frustrating to say the least. After a particular patch performed last sunday i believe, the game has played beautifully. I must say this game undoubtedly has the best graphics of any mmorpg to date. Playing in a futuristic sci-tech world has been a nice change from the traditional fantasy/D&D style mmorpgs. The landscapes are awesome, not the same prefabbed mountains and trees. Trees actually look like trees now and not 4way sprites (the treetops even sway in the wind) Later on, missions (dungeons) look incredible. So far i have to say its all good.. well not all i guess. AO is still not without its problems but the game is actually playable now. The only times i simply have to log and restart the game is from running thru multiple high traffic areas. If it starts getting extra choppy, take a look at your hard drive and see if its not busy cacheing away. I think the game still has a big problem with memory leaks. The only time this is evident is in really high traffic areas tho. Once you get to the point of hunting away from towns and doing away missions youll really get to see what the game is all about. I can play for hours and hours straight so long as i dont *have* to go to town. Going to town just means i will probably have to restart the game. All in all i'd have to say theyve made alot of progress in just the second week tho. Hunting brontosaurus' was a blast last night (god theyre huge) Im glad i thought to give this game a second chance. It really could turn out to be an incredible game.<br>
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