anyone here uses iolo system mechanic?

Discussion in 'General Software and Applications' started by death_samurai, May 1, 2009.

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    TuneUp & Win7

    Hi, I see in your specs that you have Win7 installed. Does TuneUp utilities 2009 work fine with Win7 x64 RC?
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    BE CAREFUL actually because Tune Up Utilities can F up your Windows too. I was using Tune Up Utilities before and unless you know EXACTLY what it is removing or doing, don't do it. It also tries to implement things to make your Windows better but I've found at numerous other sites it's highly suggested you DON'T use these already discredited tweaks. Cutting down application shutdown times etc. I agree, it does defrag fast but then I use PerfectDisk which way better optimizes your HD during defrag and it runs while I sleep.
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    Those two combined is what I use, apart from instaling auslogic just when I need it.
    Jkdefrag I use it many times a week, the best /o/

    I'm using mydefrag mostly now, in fact (jkdefrag 4.0 beta)

    in both, it separate your hardrive in zones, separating file for a high speed zone (begining), to slower zones (the ones after). The 'holes' between each zone is for temp/new files, trying to prevent fragmentation.

    If your on vista, run myfrag once to get your mtf at the begining of the disk, sometimes windows put MTF at bad spots.

    (Mydefrag can create fragments, but they are in a such way there are nearly no loss on speed)
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    I would suggest using one of the GUI's for Jkdefrag. I use JkDefragGUI (it comes with NtRegOpt and PageDefrag, not to mention it can check for updates etc. good stuff). There are more listed on the Jkdefrag web page under the "Contributed by other people" section.


    I did want to test mydefrag but i haven't tried it yet. So how is it, stable enough ? There seem to be quite a few crashes being reported. Have you seen any issues with it so far ?

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