anyone has mobility radeon hd 2400 xt ?

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    Mobility HD 2400 XT
    Hello, need urgent help.

    The story so far:
    Bought NEXUS Sensus i7250GTL notebook in 2008 february, intel core2duo T7250 (pure cpu, no intel graphics), 2gb ram, mobility radeon hd 2400 xt (128mb dedicated, ~890mb total), Windows Vista Home Basic.
    It had a CD with drivers, including amd ati catalyst driver for this gpu.
    Later I upgraded OS to windows7, after fresh win7 install I install the driver from CD, and it works perfectly.

    Year 2020:
    I still have the notebook, but I lost the CD.
    I go to amd driver page, select my card, download the driver (13.9) and install it.
    BUT it sucks: missing resolutions, kinda slow OpenGL performance, unadjustable panel fit options.
    Not good.

    I think, maybe download older drivers.
    I have tried countless catalyst driver downloads from internet, from 2007 to 2011.
    None of them work.

    The problem:
    It's like the only proper driver was in that CD and I lost it, CD is gone, forever.
    Where do I get a working catalyst driver for my video card?
    Guys, does anyone has this gpu or properly working driver for it, please?

    I am about to become very mad.
    Contacted amd tech support, total bullshit, they provide absolutely no support whatsoever.
    I have tried 50 or so catalyst drivers from internet, including guru3d, none of them worked.
    Most them don't have a selection to install Display Driver and CCC, only other extra stuff.


    I remember it having such menu:

    Some of what I tried (see photo):

    Untitled.png Untitled.png

    I will gladly provide with any other information you need, I need this driver, I want my past ;-(
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