Anyone getting Quake 4 stability issues with newer drivers?

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    I must admit its been a wee while since iv bedded my X800 into my main rig but the urge to swap cards was just too strong for me. :)

    Quake 4 was running sweet as a nut after I did the multi threaded patch update on my 6800. There was certainly a decent performance increase from the upgrade. I also fancied giving the new multithreaded ATI drivers a go in my main rig (I do realise that those ops are so far only for Direct3D based games, id assume it wouldnt interfere). On Omega Cat 5.12s and official 5.12s and beta 5.13 drivers, my Quake 4 randomly drops to desktop with no errors or causes errors resulting in a system crash. I used to get errors on older drivers but only of the incorrectly set gamma settingson exiting the game.

    Im assuming these new drivers are not reacting well to the beta patch for Quake 4 as that is the only thing that has changed since my last stint with my X800 in my main rig and was wondering anyone else has the same problems.

    Also I used to use ATI Tray Tools to use the HDR-ish Lite smartshader for Quake 4 (which is gorgeous btw) but now it wont even start with the smartshader enabled. :S

    Im at a bit of a loss and this is the first issue iv had in a long old time, any help would be much appreciated. Is it a simple matter of choice between multithreaded support in Quake 4 and multithreaded support in the rest of my Direct 3D games or something more sinister then that?

    For the record I fully uninstalled and followed Driver Cleaner Pro instructinos for removal of Nvidia drivers and on reinstallation of ATI drivers trying to find the problem. Id rather not go back to 5.11 since id like to make sue of the multithreaded performance enhancements in Direct 3D of the 5.12 and later drivers. Thanks guys.

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