Anyone else running an ATI card on an Nforce mobo?

Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon' started by xgpu, Jun 9, 2006.

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    Well, as you can tell by my mainboard chipset I was an Nvidia fan, six consecutive years of nothing but Nvidia(3dfx voodoo in the days before lol) but this time around I found a good time to jump ship as, ATI has impressed me with their technology as of late(putting past me retarded benchmarks which really don't say everything about a card). Anyway, I ordered the ATI 1800xt 512mb for the time being, assuming that sometime soon here the direct x 10 cards will be rolling around which will likely support shader model 4.0. You can tell when that time nears, especially since Nvidia released a model such as the "7950", in the past the "5950" was released only a few months before the 6 series rolled around sporting the new shader model. So I figured I'd jump ship now and give ATI a go for a few months until their next series of cards roll around. Anyway, my concern is functionality of an 1800xt video card on an Nforce 4 chipset. Is this a big no,no? or will it function just the same as on any other motherboard? anyone else running a similar setup?
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    X1600XT on nforce 4. General consensis will be youd get more problems from a dead horse

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