Any of you Guru's play World of Tanks?

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    British Marauders is currently recruiting active World of Tanks players

    We are a friendly, English-speaking, UK based clan looking for reliable, active and enthusiastic members.

    Our first division is our social division whose only requirement is that you have 500 battles under your belt and are 18+. This is where most of our recruits start before moving onto our CW division BM2.

    And our second division is BM2 this is were you will find our most dedicated players. We partake in Clan Wars every night and have had our fair share of success for a small clan. For BM2 you are required to have in your garage 2 tier 10 tanks/TD's or Tier 8 Arty and can participate in clan wars once per week.

    We are part of the Racing Green Alliance and have a dedicated TeamSpeak3 server which we use to communicate with other allies and hold regular companies/mass counts.

    You will never be alone as we always have several platoons running.

    We also have our own website which you must sign up to.

    Thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you.
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