any modders cable of unlocking crysis 2/3 console?

Discussion in 'Game Tweaks and Modifications' started by Shabaco, May 25, 2017.

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    as title says anyone got the know how, on how to get all the console commands to work other than in the crysis 2 editor?

    i would like to use r_PostProcessGameFx = 0 and r_PostProcessFilters = 0 as this turns of the retarded bloody screen.

    but these commands only work when playing in the editor.

    i also discovered crytek partially encrypted or did something to the warhead paks as they don't fully extract with say 7zip like with crysis or wars.
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    Warhead levels are encrypted but you can add shader files and object files ETC.You can also change Time of day but you will be missing many things in the level if not correct.

    Crysis 2 and 3 have limited console commands working.Best bet use Maldo mods and change what you want/can.

    Maldo did some mods for Crysis 2.

    Maldo did some mods Crysis 3 just download MaLDo's OnTheFly for Crysis3 and you can change some commands

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