Any hope of saving my files?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by KoncreteAngel, Jun 21, 2008.

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    I was running windows vista on a a64 3200+ machine. Either the cpu or motherboard died, and the computer just gave a black screen on start no matter what I did.(safe mode, change ram, change videocard) So I basically took the hard drive out and trashed the rest of the computer. Right now I am on another A64 3200+ machine thats running windows XP, I tried to start directly from the old hard disk, it brifely shows the vista logo then gives a BSOD on boot, even safemode doesnt work. Now I am running off of windows XP as this computers primary drive, with the old drive as my E drive. I can view the program files, but none the users files, when I try to access the files I need it says DENIED.

    Is there ANY WAY I can save my files??
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    You could try to do a repair install of vista on the second drive. Don't format if it asks and it should at least leave your user data files intact.
    Disable the first drive (XP) when you do this!!

    Not real sure about this next statement but it may not be reading the old data from the vista install because your using dfferent user name or admin log on with XP disk perhaps the folder is password protected or something with the file sharing options.???

    You might try and copy a few of the vista user data files to the XP drive to see if the will be read...or even copied.
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    You may need to take over permission of the "User" folder.

    If you are using XP pro then navigate over to my computer. Once there click on "Tools then Folder Options" select the "View" tab and scroll all the way down to "Use simple file sharing" and uncheck it and hit "Apply".

    Once that is done navigate to your Vista drive and right click the "User" folder select properties then the "Security" tab find the "Advanced" button and click it. Now select the "Owner" tab and now move down to the "Change owner to:" and select "Administrators" also check the "Replace owner on subcontainers and objects" and now hit "Apply" wait for it to process on folders and files.

    Now you should have full access to that folders contents.
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    Failing the REPAIR option that Vista DVD gives, following CommandrX's advice is spot on for getting what you need off the HDD.

    Vista's REPAIR option is alot smarter than the repair install from automagically knows what it's gotta fix to run Windows, and will reinstall the necessary files without messing anything else up - I've never had it screw with anything else and it works wonderfully - this should be your first course of action before going through the trouble of everything you have to do to take permission and migrate all those files/folders.

    Remove EVERY HDD except the old Vista HDD
    Insert your Vista DVD and choose REPAIR
    (just don't go through the INSTALL process - that will indeed install Vista and you don't want that!


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    i agree with you on this one. i had that same problem when i tried to access folders on a hd that had xp installed when my bott hd had vista installed. just change the owner ship of the files and you should be good to go.

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