Any difference forcing Max Prerendered Frames VS Letting the App Decide if both values are the Same?

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    For example, suppose a game uses a value of "3" for its own Max Pre Rendered Frames setting and the Control Panel setting for MPRF / Flip Queue is set to "Let the 3D App Decide".

    Is this any different at all than if the user forces that application to use a value of 3 for its Max Prerendered Frames setting in the driver?

    I ask because sometimes the "Driver" version of a setting is inferior in some ways to the in-game settings. For example, in the past I've read here that in some games forcing Anisotropic Filtering via the control panel can cause issues in certain games or will apply to all textures even if it shouldn't -- for example if a dev used tons of textures to create some effect in game so intentionally marked them not to be filtered.

    Additionally driver level settings like framerate limiting usually don't work too well and add input lag where in-game limiters are better.

    So, as the trend I'm seeing goes, in-game settings are probably the safest bet for some types of things.

    So, my question is this: Is setting a value of "3" in the Nvidia Control Panel for Max Prerendered Frames exactly the same as leaving the setting on "Let the 3D app decide" where the game uses MPRF = 3 by default?

    Or, is there some difference between the two in the same way that limiting the framerate or filtering textures via the driver can be different than letting the app decide for those things?

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